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Dreams can hurt so much (sorry might be distressing)

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CambridgeBlue Sun 02-Jun-13 21:48:37

Thanks and sorry to hear you've both been troubled by upsetting dreams too.

I do think it might have been the poor Chinese baby that triggered this plus my Mum mentioned my sister the other day in passing so I guess she was on my mind. I lost my baby on the anniversary of her death so the two are always linked in my head sad

I felt odd all day on Friday although I'm fine now - I hate the way dreams can throw you like that.

Horsemad Fri 31-May-13 20:55:10

Cambridge I'm sorry you had such an upsetting dream, I wonder if it was sparked by the story in the news about the Chinese baby?
All sorts of things can trigger the sub conscious and result in us dreaming.
I dreamt about my dad quite a lot after he died, some were comforting, others less so. sad It'll be 30 years next year.
I haven't dreamt about him for a while now but it's always random, not near his birthday or the anniversary of his death iyswim.

mumtolilh Fri 31-May-13 19:04:02


I have a dream all the time about my teeth falling out! It's horrendous! They all crack & fall out its so real & quite upsetting! I looked into it & it turns out its because of anxiety which I suffer badly from.Go on some sites & see if you can pinpoint whats causing it ;)

CambridgeBlue Fri 31-May-13 08:25:29

I woke up in tears this morning after a horrible dream where I had rescued what I knew to be a baby although it wasn't physically like one. I also knew it was both the baby I lost and my sister who died when I was a child. I was so happy wanting to show it to DD but in my haste to get to her I didn't take care of it properly and as I tried to show her it kind of crumpled then changed into a flower. DD said 'that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen' then it just dissolved into nothing. I was shouting out for it to come back but it was gone sad

How can a dream be so real and so upsetting? I barely think about my baby or my sister day to day although of course I'm still sad so why should it come back to me like this? Feel very shaken and tearful sad

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