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Father's Day suggestions for bereaved DH?

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Rockchick1984 Thu 30-May-13 09:31:14

I hope this is the right topic to post in, and that someone can give me some advice. My FIL is sadly on the verge of dying, he has a matter of days left at the most. DH is devastated as although he has been unwell for a long time, it has only recently been diagnosed as terminal.

We have a young son, normally for Father's Day we would go out for a meal or something however I know it's going to be an incredibly tough day this year for him, so I wa wondering if anyone could suggest what I could do? I don't really want to leave the day empty as I know he will be upset, but I don't want to be insensitive and take him somewhere he will feel worse.

I know it's a very personal thing, but I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. Many thanks.

grants1000 Thu 30-May-13 12:37:19

Sorry to hear, how about a nice low key dinner at home, his favourite food and wine would best best, if you go out seeing other Dad's & son's having a good time would be too much to bear.

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