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Just wanted to share

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MrsEddChina Thu 16-May-13 10:56:09

My nan died in 2010. She had her children with her when she passed and me and my sister which I will be forever grateful for.

It was the worst time of my life and I don't think I'm fully over watching her go but it's easier than it was.

I had my first baby just over 7 weeks ago, she would have been my nans 4th great grandchild. I would have loved for my nan to meet her as we were close and I take after her quite a lot, and feel quite sad that she never will.

This morning while snuggled in bed with my baby I had a dream about my nan. She was in a grumpy mood as she normally was towards the end! but I asked her if she liked the baby and she said she did.

This has made me very happy (if a bit weepy!) as I know my nan is still watching over us and my baby and I just wanted to share.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Knowing that your loved ones approve?

pipsqueakz Thu 16-May-13 18:15:46

Yes I have the same. My grandad passed away suddenly of throat cancer. He new he was going to pass away. I remember visiting him and the last thing he said before I left hospital was "I will be out of here soon maid" (I was his little cider maid hehe.)
Well as I was walking through the hospital car park this red butterfly landed on the door handle of the car, I didn't think anything of it at the time. A few days later my grandad died. At his funeral a red butterfly landed on the flower reath I noticed. Few years later I had children my daughter was four at the time in the back garden this red butterfly seemed dead on the fence. My daughter carefully picked it up and cupped it in her hands and called me to take a look. Went to her to see it. It was lifeless. So I took it from her cupped it in my hands and it flew. Every now and again I see the butterfly. I feel its my grandad. When I left hospital that day I took a part of my grandad with me. Ppl might think I'm mad but I know what I see. Sorry if this has upset anyone. Am blubbing as I type. x

loveliesbleeding1 Sat 22-Jun-13 13:41:43

My grandad was the most wonderful man, I lost him 12 years ago, he raised me as a daughter, ever since he passed,in v difficuilt times he sends a little robin to me, it sounds crazy but thats what I believe, the robin came when I was about to go in for back surgery and sat no more than 3 feet away from me, there are also other examples so yes I do believe that we can be visited, and im so grateful that they still think of us! X

headlesslambrini Sat 22-Jun-13 13:51:06

My Grandad sent us a postcard. Well it was actually sent to a family member from a holiday which he had in Scotland about 12 years earlier(as close as we can work it out, he wrote the date on it but not the year). The post card turned up a few days before his funeral. The opening line is 'am having a lovely time'. My aunt showed it to me after his funeral at the wake. It made a very hard day a lot easier.

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