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Leaving enough info behind with my will for those left behind - advice please...

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tonyf Sun 05-May-13 14:52:28

I wanted advice on wills. I wanted to leave some documents behind with my will so those left behind could deal with things easily. I found these two on age-uk guide, which I thought may do the job - but I wondered if they would cover everything somebody would need to know?

Also, I had a couple of other questions:

1) I know to register a death, you need id, but do you need id at any stage before that? At the hospital perhaps? Maybe it depends if they die at home?


2) With somebody who's self employed - Is it different than from a regular person dying in any way? Or are all the processes exactly the same? Posting an ad in the london gazette and a local paper, giving the creditors 8 weeks etc

Also I did wonder about national insurance contributions...


Not really had many people die on me, myself. Presumably other people on these boards have though - or are maybe lawyers. I just wanted to feel I'd left enough information that somebody would need.

I've got a separate document made up with my passwords... what I want to try do in this instance though here is just leave enough information about the practical steps...

MadameSin Thu 09-May-13 19:12:27

Tony wow, you're very thoughtful and organised! Having just dealt with my own father's probate, I found the fact he had all relevant paperwork in files really helpful. It would have been awful for all of us if we had to plough through piles of stuff and didn't know where anything was. A solicitor could help you with the wording if you simply tell them what your wishes are. As for the helpful stuff, make sure it's all in one place in clearly marked files. If you die in hospital the chances are they will already know who you are. So things like bank account, building society books, share certificates, bonds, savings accounts etc etc should be easily traced. Utility suppliers ie: gas, phone, internet, electric, council tax, water etc also filed in the same place.Being self employed would simply mean an accountant would probably need to wrap up the business after the finances were taken care of and a solicitor would probably be needed at this stage too. Any personal pensions or investments would need to be listed so it's easy to notify them. All government departments are usually informed when you register the death. DWP and the 'tax man' appeared to be aware that my father had dies without us telling them. If you have a car insurance will need to be cancelled along with tax and insurance, so file those with above .... trying to think of other stuff, but can't for now ... if I do, will repost. Good Luck!

MadameSin Thu 09-May-13 19:13:08

... what about national insurance contributions? Once you're gone, it doesn't matter does it?

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