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Just had 3rd missed mc - need some hope!

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retailtherapist Mon 15-May-06 22:33:32

I was 9 weeks pg on 26 may and had a scan as I had a missed mc in Jan this year at 9 weeks and wanted reassurance. I found out the baby had died at 7 weeks. I was so hopeful this time as had seen faint heartbeat at 6 week scan and was assured all would be ok also felt very pg.
I have a ds 2 and had another missed mc in 2003 at 10.5 weeks. Am desperate to try again but have been advised to wait for 2 normal periods before trying.
Had D&C nearly 3 weeks ago but still bleeding on and off. I think I may have to have a 2nd D&C.. am having a scan tomorrow (the same day I was booked in for a nuchal!). I've been given 2 lots of antibiotics too in case I have an infection.
I just want my body to get back to normal so I can begin to look forward.
I am having tests (not NHS) as I feel I am doing something positive and not just waiting to see if I am "unlucky".
Any advice gratefully received!

toadstool Tue 16-May-06 20:35:00

i'm sorry sorry, retailtherapist. No advice, just sympathy - I had an mc 3 weeks ago and am now entering the land of 'preconception' testing just in case. Take care, this is a v. difficult time.

retailtherapist Tue 16-May-06 20:41:45

thanks toadstool. Sorry you are going through it too. Best of luck xx

PanicPants Tue 16-May-06 20:52:32

Here's a bit of hope retail, I had my last m/c in early november 2004, I then ahd a 'normal' period and then conceived ds on the 7th december 2004. I had a threatened m/c several times during that pg but he was finally born in august 2005 and is now 8 and a half months old.

I've had 2 m/c and an ectopic, I had a fallopean tude removed and have PCOS. I spent 4 years ttc, and 13 months on clomid.

And finally I have a beautiful, healthy son.

Dreams can come true x

gothicmama Tue 16-May-06 20:56:03

oh panic pants we have avery similar history I have just had my 2nd baby so again there is hope

retailtherapist Tue 16-May-06 21:26:16

Thanks panicpants and gothicmama. Here's me feeling all sorry for myself when it sounds like you've been to hell and back... more than once.
I just hate this phase of waiting til we can ttc again. The hope only begins then.
Glad you both had succcess in the end. x

twocatsonthebed Tue 16-May-06 22:05:48

It does happen. I had one missed miscarriage at 11 weeks, and then two very early ones, but am now at 16 weeks and so a bit more optimistic.

But one thing you could try is taking one dispersible (75mg) aspirin a day. I did this as friend of mine saw a specialist for infertility, and was told to do this, and he said that if more people knew about this, it would save a lot of heartache for some. She got pregnant within the month. I took aspirin and got pregnant within two. When I saw the consultant at the hospital with this pregnancy -and my history- she asked immediately if I was taking aspirin.

It won't work for everyone - and maybe it would work out for you anyway - but it doesn't hurt whatever.

Good luck and I hope all goes well - and miscarriages are vile, aren't they. Do take care of yuorself too.

Beauregard Tue 16-May-06 22:08:19

very sorry

PanicPants Wed 17-May-06 09:44:43

Although it's incredably sad to have had the m/cs and ectopic, I wouldn't change anything.

Two cats, good luck with your pg, it sounds as if all is going well for you.

retailtherapist Wed 17-May-06 10:40:36

It's so encouraging to hear about all you lot who are pg or had babies after m/c. It just makes me more desperate to ttc again!
Having blood tests tomorrow to see if have clotting problem and also dodgy chromosone thing too.
Had a scan yesterday as am still bleeding on and off nearly 3 wks after ERPC. All is ok down there and apparently ovaries are getting ready to lay an egg!! Yipeee!!

PanicPants Wed 17-May-06 10:49:14

Good luck retail, keep trying I'm sure it'll happen for you too.

I want to ttc again soon, as although ds is only 8 and a half months, it took sooooo long to concieve him, and with only one tube, and PCOS, and the m/c I feel the odds are stacked against me. DP not keen though, he wants a 2 year gap between them.

retailtherapist Wed 17-May-06 10:56:26

I am sure you can talk dp round panicpants. my dh thinks we should have a break b4 ttc again but I won't hear of that! The only thing keeping me going is the thought of becoming pg again.
At least you know you can do it
Good luck!

FirstNikki Thu 18-May-06 16:53:36

Retailtherapist - sorry for your losses, I know of people who have had up to 8 mc's and then given birth to healthy babies. With the right care you should be able to have your baby. The tests are definitely the right way to go.

Best of luck

Angsthase Tue 23-May-06 10:18:14

So sorry. The whole process is just so painful. Just take each day one at a time.

Good luck with the tests. They at least gave me some peace of mind once I'd done them, that there was nothing "wrong".

Clara1 Tue 23-May-06 11:33:27

retailtherapist - hang in there! I had two daughters followed by three missed m/c and just could not accept that I was "unlucky" (there's an understatement if ever there was one. The NHS tests found nothing wrong but then went privately to St Mary's in London and found I had some strange clotting problem (not lupus or APS) was put on 150mg of aspirin a day from my next positive test and am now 31 weeks pregnant. So it can be done with help, determination and self belief so don't give up if that is what you really want!

retailtherapist Tue 23-May-06 20:46:30

Thanks everyone!
Not sure if I want the tests to find something wrong or not. At least if they find a reason then there is hopefully a better chance of future success. But I will keep on trying whatever.

babyjojo Tue 23-May-06 21:31:46

please don't give up - I was ready to give up after 2 ectopics (I lost both my tubes therefore leaving me unable to have children at the age of 28) my only hope was IVF. The first attempt ended in mc so did the 2nd my 3rd attempt was to be my last I couldn't cope with the upest anymore but it worked and I had my DS in December.
I had hundreds of blood tests to find out why I had been mc but they couldn't find anything wrong. I was advised to take an aspirin which I did throughout the pregnancy also I took a daily progesterone pessary. You need progesterone to maintain a pregnancy and it could be your levels aren't high enough so an extra boost may help you too - worth maybe discussing with your Dr. Good luck honey x

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