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Mums death left me feeling depressed

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altovi Wed 10-Apr-13 22:00:45


Where to begin....

I'm 29 years old, I'm married and have 3 lovely children and to the outside worle I probably have it all.and in lots of ways I do.

However my mum died on the 12th of January. She had ovarian cancer which was detected through a hyisterectomy sorry if I've spelt that wrong. She had low dose chemo for 6 months and then had the all however about 4 months after that she started suffering pain in her ribs and when investigated they discovered it had moved up into her abdomen.

She then started full chemo so lost all her long beautiful blonde curly hair; and lost weight etc and eventually her eyebrows and eyelashes disappeared too. My mum was always very active and enjoyed walking her dogs; gardening motorsport and holidays etc.

She kept getting a side effect of cancer where liquid builds up inside up around her lungs which made it difficult for her to breath properly and she couldn't then be active or walk far etc. She kept having to go into hospital to have this liquid drained off. She also had to have am oxygen tank at the house and go in a wheelchair if travelling a distance for walking etc.

She never moaned and was always positive. But this liquid kept coming back and one night she stopped breathing and she was resusitated at home and took to hospital 70 miles from me. She was ok still alive. She rang me inthe early hours the next day and asked me to visit her that day which I did in the afternoon she seemed ok and was talkative and laughing. I tod her I loved her etc.

Then the next day. My brother in law rang me to say she had had a bad turn in the night so my husband and I went to the hospital and she was in a coma she was breathing very raspy but comfortableand she had basaically been poisoned as this liquid build up had got in her lungs and shestopped breathing at 5pm.

I just feel numb and sad; I've gone back to work and have the kids and family life that keeps me busy but I just feel empty and depressed. We were close she was only 60 so was young.

Thanks for reading xx

Steth Wed 10-Apr-13 22:07:55

Oh Altovi, my heart goes out you. Sounds like you had a wonderful bond with your mum. Just remind yourself that she's not 'gone' and she'll be looking down on you & your lovely family. You can still talk to her and she'll always be able to send you in the right direction, she is now your beautiful guardian angel

You'll get through this sad time and remember all the loving fun times you had together.


mummylin2495 Wed 10-Apr-13 22:09:13

I can't link but do join us on the " support for Anyone grieving for a parent" in the bereavement section.very sorry for your loss.

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