So Sorry for Everyone Who has lost Someone

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Next Fri 12-May-06 00:03:30

Dont usually visit this board, but just reading thread titles I am close to tears.

So very sorry and whatever your situatuon I wish you strength


Pointless thread I knoe but really meant x x

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Next Fri 12-May-06 00:05:20

'know' - apologies for typing

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bubble99 Fri 12-May-06 00:05:55

That's a lovely thought and thread, Next.

Next Fri 12-May-06 00:15:13

Well, bereavement is something we all go through at one time or another, and it is one of the worst, shittiest, surreal feelings known to man. No one close to me has died for a few years, and because that is the 'norm ' for me, I feel sadness is round the corner all the time..

But as for reading the miscarriage threads, I am so sorry and can't imagine what heartache it must cause, my only advise would be not to keep it bottled up.

Thanks Bubbles - felt stupid for posting, but realised I couldnt post on evry thread and I am genuinlry so sorry for anyone that has lost someone dear or special to them.
Its a huge cliche but time is the best healer, tho no one expects to forget.

x x x x x x x x x xx xx

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Next Fri 12-May-06 00:16:22

More typos - apologies its late!!

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