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Hospital called me at 11.30 with terrible news about 13 year old niece tonight

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damppatchnot Sun 10-Mar-13 08:14:33

She came home and is ok now


pinkyredrose Sun 10-Mar-13 03:35:04

So sorry for your loss sad

Where is your niece now is she back home yet? Maybe she wanted to forget reality and through cider was a quick and easy way to do it?

So sorry I don't have anything really constructive to say but I do feel for you.

Sending hugs x

damppatchnot Sun 10-Mar-13 01:20:56

My father died yesterday and my niece was very close to him. She asked mum if she could go to her friends to sleep as she would be able to talk to her and get some support.

Turns out this friend and some other kids were walking the streets and my niece got a man to buy her a large bottle of cider which she downed in one.

Her boyfriend aged 14 ( we did not know she had one until tonight) had gone home for tea and came back to find her throwing up. Her mates disappeared and he carried her to a&e and phoned his nana who he lives with. We got there to find her recovering but in a terrible state.

The boy was very upset as he thought he would be in trouble as he's been trying to meet my nieces family but she would not tell us. He was in tears too.

My sister is organising counselling for her. It's so sad

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