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My best friend's mum is nearing the end

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likesnowflakesinanocean Fri 22-Feb-13 11:27:34

definatly a hug from me, my mum died in november at age 45 from cancer. its horrible, have a hug and be there for your friend x

StoicButStressed Fri 22-Feb-13 02:56:41

Big un-MN hugs wrapping you tightly.

I know this pain, my mum died on Sunday after being diagnosed with terminal cancer last August. Genuinely sending you the hugest, tightest of hugs and bundles of very un-MN love xxxx

KnitFastDieWarm Thu 21-Feb-13 22:33:19

She has terminal cancer in her spine. She has been semi-paralysed for a year. She is only 45 and has a one year old grandson.

She's been like a second mum to me, and my heart is breaking for her family. She won't get to see her daughter be a bridesmaid at my wedding this summer, and she was so excited and proud.

I could do with an un-MN hug sad

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