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Executor duties

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lavandes Thu 21-Feb-13 10:53:22

Don't worry the bank will pay the funeral bill, the undertaker will understand this.

marriednotdead Wed 20-Feb-13 19:46:00

As the executor, you are now in charge of the finances, not the council Appointee.
The first bill to be paid from the estate has to be the funeral. The bank will arrange that payment and advise you how to access the remainder to administer the estate.

Contact the bank first, they know the procedure.

greenfolder Wed 20-Feb-13 19:28:44

Bank account should be frozen but the bank can settle funeral bill directly to the undertaker as its the most senior debt. This happened with my fathers estate.

Snowme Wed 20-Feb-13 14:08:18

I am the executor and the funeral bill will need to come out of the estate.

The finances were controlled by a council Appointee.

I hear conflicting views that by invoicing the Appointee they will inform the bank who will then freeze the bank account, leavi me with no money to pay the funeral bill.

Does anyone have any experience of this?


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