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This year seems so much harder...

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DonkeysDontRideBicycles Thu 14-Feb-13 10:04:01

That is so sad. Are you able to spend the anniversary with someone supportive? I don't think anyone could get over the loss of a child, learn to live with it perhaps, certainly not forget. There may be other things going on in your life now that make this year harder, conversely could it be that you have fewer other stresses going on and that's enabled you to reflect and experience more hurt? I hope you can spend the day in a way that provides some degree of comfort.

SnakesheadFritillary Tue 12-Feb-13 23:15:01

I'm so sorry, it is terribly unfair that you were separated from your DD like that. It's less than a year since i lost my DS and i already feel that people expect me to be 'moving on', so i can't imagine how painful that reaction must be when more time has passed. Do you want to tell us about her?

Beachcombergirl Tue 12-Feb-13 23:10:20

So sorry for your loss.

Indith Tue 12-Feb-13 21:26:24

So sorry for you loss x

GrownupGoth Tue 12-Feb-13 21:17:20

It was DD's 9th birthday this month, she died aged 2. I'm not sure why but this year has been so very hard. The anniversary of her death is next month and I'm dreading it tbh. I just expected it to be the same as previous years and I'm confused as to the difference.

Of course nobody in rl knows, I think people expect you to be over it by now.

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