bleeding please help me!

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nadinetd Tue 25-Apr-06 07:41:22

hi there
i had a missed miscarriage 6 weeks agao and had a d+c, had my period last saturday but today im bleeding a little again, like brownish.
we have been having sex as i have felt ok physically
has anyone else had this?
should i go to d odctors?

thanks in advance

nadine x

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TwiglettTheWereHedgehog Tue 25-Apr-06 07:50:37

brown blood is old blood so I would try to stay calm .. but I've never had a d&c so maybe you should speak to your gp anyway

good luck nadine

diddle Tue 25-Apr-06 08:25:25

nadine - i agree with twiglett, brown blood is old blood and could just be some that was left behind. Your period may have disturbed ita nd your body may be clearing out. Keep an eye on it and if it worries you go to the doctors.

Twiglett Wed 26-Apr-06 14:45:14

how are you nadine?

nadinetd Thu 27-Apr-06 09:57:23

hi twigglett
i went to my gp he said it was just my body clearing out, it stopped that afternoon, thanks so much for your advice.
i worked it out that i should be ovulating this week, ihave bought the clearblue ovulation sticks as we are desperate to get pregnant again!
do u think the bleed my have interupted my cycle?
any tips on concieving?
nadine x

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Twiglett Thu 27-Apr-06 13:31:18

nadine .. mosey on over to the ttc threads there's lots of helpful advice, and probably a group of people in the same position as you to chat to

I think your cycle might take a couple of months to settle down

glad you're ok

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