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Speaking at my Grandmother's funeral

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LunaticFringe Wed 02-Jan-13 20:53:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hellymelly Wed 02-Jan-13 20:47:26

My Dad died recently, and I didn't speak at the funeral but later wished I had. I thought I wouldn't be able to cope with it, but actually at the time I would have been able to do it, so you will find the strength when you need it. The best readings are heartfelt and simple- maybe a lovely memory of something you did with your Grmadmother that you will always think of, perhaps a funny story from her life as a Grandmother or her childhood. Or you could read a poem that means something to you or her? Whatever you do will be lovely, you only have to start as though talking to a friend, something like "I wasn't sure how to start talking about Grandma, then I remembered the time we did x.."
A friend of mine died suddenly in an accident and her FIL gave the most touching address at the memorial service, he just walked up and down the aisle of the church talking about her, about the funeral service a few weeks earlier, about her meeting his son. It was very simple and completely off the cuff but so human and touching. I really think if you just say what you are feeling then you really cannot go "wrong". Even just saying how much you loved her is enough. Good luck.

QueenOfCats Wed 02-Jan-13 20:37:39

My Grandmother's funeral is on Friday morning.

I would like to write something to read out but my mind is blank.

I can't think of a suitable way to start or finish.

Has anyone done anything similar and could give me some pointers?

I'd be very grateful if someone could help, or point me in the direction of a website that may be useful.


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