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What are the symptoms of ms?

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milupa Mon 12-Jan-04 05:24:53

Is bleeding the only one? Do you get pains or your sikness stops to earley or anything else?

Ghosty Mon 12-Jan-04 06:48:01

When I had my miscarriage (Nov 2002 at 12 weeks), milupa, my first sign was that morning sickness stopped at 10 weeks although at the time I thought that I lucky that it had stopped so soon compared with my pregnancy with my son. Of course in hindsight it was a sign ...
The next symptom was bleeding (at 12 weeks) followed a couple of days later by cramps. It was when the cramps started that I knew it was over because they came at regular intervals ... like labour pains.
I hope this helps answer your question ...
Take care ...

Azure Mon 12-Jan-04 12:47:18

The first sign I had was spotting (at 11.5 weeks). This lasted for 2 days and my stomach felt like it was churning. On the third day the m/c happened - I've never seen such blood (sorry to be graphic). I never had any cramps. Like Ghosty, I had also felt my pregnancy sickness going a couple of weeks earlier, but had put it down to good luck. If you are going through this, my deepest sympathy.

bunny2 Mon 12-Jan-04 20:33:17

I spotted throughout my first pregnancy and that ended in miscarriage. I had no symptoms or bleeding at all in my second but still miscarried (no heartbeat in 12 wk scan). You can bleed and still have a healthy pregnancy, abdominal pains arent necessarily a bad sign, and sickness can stop abruptly in a pregnancy too. So, frustratingly, there is no definate answer to this one. Do you think you might be miscarrying? I sincerely hope not, I really do.

leander Mon 12-Jan-04 21:53:22

Milupa,I had a miscarriage at 13 wks(no heartbeat) just before christmas.I had a tiny bit of spotting just discharge with a smear of blood,I had no cramps or anything and I still had sickness on the Friday before the spotting on the Monday.I pray this isn't happening to you,my sil bled in her 1st pregnancy and went on to have a gorgous dd.Let us know how you are I am thinking about you.

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