Are we doing the right thing?

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julezboo Wed 12-Apr-06 11:30:16

Hiya Im just after some reassurance really. Since Dec 5th me and dp have had to go through 3mc's. We have now decided to wait a year or so before trying again. I will be having some recurrent mc testing when my next period arrives and I know its gonna be at least 3/4 months before we can try again whilst we are waiting for results and stuff.

I feel sad though that we cant try again sooner. I know my body needs a break and so do our hearts from hurting. They dont know why i keep losing our babies. So i think im doing the right thing i dont want to make anymore Angels. But i know i can do it as i alreay have a little boy who will be 4 next week. Alls we want to do is give him a little brother or sister. But all the waiting is getting me down (

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bramblina Wed 12-Apr-06 11:36:37

I can't say anything other than time is the greatest healer, but when you're going through it you really don't want to wait. We suffered 4 mc's over 3 yrs, time inbetween those was just ttc, those years were awful and I think I've blocked them out of my memory. I also had the tests, and there was nothing wrong. The day I had the last lots of bloods taken turned out to be the day my ds was conceived- he's 8months old now. Knowing you can do it is wonderful but all I can say is be patient, and confident. Easy for me to say, I know, but really, what's meant for you will not go by you. Lots of luck

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