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My dad

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madasa Sun 28-Oct-12 07:46:46

I lost my precious dad a year ago today.

In some ways it feels like just yesterday.

In other ways it feels like a lifetime since I had a hug from him or he called me 'lovey'.

I miss him and it hurts so badly.

MrsWolowitz Sun 28-Oct-12 07:50:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madasa Sun 28-Oct-12 07:59:23

Thank you MrsWolowitz

He was just the most laid back, kind and gentle man ever.

He was a fairly quiet man but he didn't miss a trick....he saw everything going on...he was so wise.

He never stressed about anything.

He was ill for four years with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. He defied all the odds and lived for much longer than anyone expected him to.

He was only 74. Throughout his illness he never ever complained....not once.

He died with my sister and I with him at her house.

It is also the 5th anniversary of my DP's dad's death. They died on the same date. They had the same name and my DP and I have the same name.

I like to think they are somewhere sharing a pint.

MrsWolowitz Sun 28-Oct-12 08:07:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madasa Tue 30-Oct-12 06:49:59

That would be lovely if your DD did get to play with her Grandma in her dreams smile

Thank you for your kind words

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