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not again

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sibble Sat 20-Dec-03 19:39:35

am jsut killing time while I wait for a sonographer to turn up at teh emergency centre. am 6 weeks and 5 days and bleeding cannot believe this is happening again - 2nd time this year

SantaBaby34 Sat 20-Dec-03 19:45:54

Message withdrawn

bunny2 Sat 20-Dec-03 19:45:55

Sibble, hi. I'm praying you are not miscarrying again. Keep talking. Bxxx

NorfolkTurkey Sat 20-Dec-03 19:49:26

Fingers crossed that everything is ok. Thinking of you xxx

whymummy Sat 20-Dec-03 19:51:58

i've got my fingers crossed too sibble

bossybaubles Sat 20-Dec-03 20:00:33

oh i'm so sorry to hear this. fingers crossed.

bunny2 Sat 20-Dec-03 20:03:40

are you still there?

RoscoeReindeer Sat 20-Dec-03 20:07:04

Fingers crossed here too. xxx

sibble Sat 20-Dec-03 21:09:17

thanks for all your messages
went to a&e, have to go back at 3pm when the radiologist will be there who can scan me and interpret the results. good thing is still feel really sick but could be nerves, just don't know what to do until 3 pm. Dh is a man of few words and having cleaned the car is now hacking the garden to death and DS is singing jingle bells all the time. am tyring not to be a wet week for his sake but feel the bottom has just dropped out of my world. if this is really it again - will not be trying again cannot go through this again. onec was bad enough - but twice is so unfair.

colette Sat 20-Dec-03 21:20:51

Thinking of you and wishing you good luck

GhostofChristmasPast Sat 20-Dec-03 21:25:13

Sibble ...
Sweetheart ...
Will ring you in about 10 minutes ....
Ghosty xxx

GhostofChristmasPast Sun 21-Dec-03 03:42:52

Just a little update for you all ...
I spoke to Sibble just after my last post and she was at home with her feet up waiting to go in to have a scan ... she was worried but bearing up ...
She just phoned me 5 minutes ago when she returned from the scan and it is good news!
The scan revealed a teeny baby - the right size for the dates so far with a heartbeat!
She is still bleeding and the radiologist could see where from but assured her that it is nothing to do with the baby.
She couldn't explain why she is bleeding ... so she has been advised to rest up ...
Luckily her DH is off now until after Christmas so he is on 'DS duty' and it looks like he is being a star ...
Sibble ... thinking of you honey .... big hugs ... give me a bell when you are up to it ...
Ghosty xxx

bobthebaby Sun 21-Dec-03 05:35:58

Brilliant news, and what a relief. Have a restful Christmas sibble and thanks for the update Ghosty.

colette Sun 21-Dec-03 08:52:36

Wonderful news

hoxtonturkey Sun 21-Dec-03 08:54:03

So pleased to hear everything's OK, Sibble. And thanks for letting us all know, Ghosty.

bossybaubles Sun 21-Dec-03 09:08:40

fantastic news!

bunny2 Sun 21-Dec-03 09:21:33

A fine peice of news to start the day! Sibble, you were my first thoughts when I woke up this morning. I'm so pleased for you.

SantaBaby34 Sun 21-Dec-03 09:31:24

Message withdrawn

XmasQuackers Sun 21-Dec-03 10:34:46

Sibble that is fantastic news!!!!! I am delighted it is such good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest up and enjoy Christmas!!!! That's twice in the last couple of weeks someone was bleeding and all was ok!!! I was the other!!

BTW, ROFL 'Bossybaubles'!!!!!!

popsie Sun 21-Dec-03 10:38:15

oh what good news eventually!
do rest up sibble.....we are all thinking of you

NorfolkTurkey Sun 21-Dec-03 11:33:51

Yes - take it easy!!

Demented Sun 21-Dec-03 13:17:59

Brilliant news Sibble!

RoscoeReindeer Sun 21-Dec-03 16:17:03

Yippeee! Fantastic news, Sibble!

leander Sun 21-Dec-03 17:34:47

Great news sibble,make sure you relax and take it easy,xx

Brunhilda Sun 21-Dec-03 17:46:36

Well done Sibble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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