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"You Light The Skies Up Above Me, A Star So Bright You Blind Me" Remembering all our precious children.

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fioled Sat 25-Aug-12 11:45:08

For my beautiful baby Anabelle Violet, loved and missed to the moon and back, always xxx How hard we wish that you were here baby girl.

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.

For all our babies and children, big and small xx

foolingwithmisskitty Sat 25-Aug-12 11:47:18

Such a beautiful name. My son Jack would have been 4 this year. Lots of love xxxx

frasersmummy Sat 25-Aug-12 11:53:46

thanks for starting the new thread fioled

Thinking of my darling first born son...born asleep 8.5 years ago

They say there is a reason,
They say that time will heal,
But neither time nor reason,
Will change the way I feel,
For no-one knows the heartache,
That lies behind our smiles,
No-one knows how many times,
We have broken down and cried,
We want to tell you something,
So there won't be any doubt,
You're so wonderful to think of,
But so hard to be without.

MrsY Sat 25-Aug-12 11:57:20

Thanks fioled, lovely thread title. I often think about little Poppy Barlow when I think about Benedict. I hope they all play nicely together.

In memory of my darling boy, Benedict John Peanut. We love you and miss you so much. xxxx

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 25-Aug-12 12:05:18

Such an apt name for the new thread Fio. This song means a lot to dh and I as it was released around the time that Cole died. Whenever we hear it we say it is Cole saying hello to us.

Thank you for starting this thread.

I love you baby boy and I miss you every single day. You are on my mind a lot at the moment. Your younger brothers are getting older and I worry that I am leaving you behind. I don't want to leave you behind, I need you to be with us always x

Bluetinkerbell Sat 25-Aug-12 12:23:10

What a brilliant thread title fioled just perfect for all our children!

Remembering my precious baby girl Sterre. We miss you every day, but know you're always in our hearts!

MiaAlexandrasmummy Sat 25-Aug-12 16:26:33

Thank you fioled, such a lovely thread to remember our beautiful children.

Stars are other worlds. Mia, you transported us to a whole new world, where colours were brighter, emotions were heightened, and everything was perfect. For us, it was heaven. My gorgeous, amazing, noisy girl, we carry a slice of heaven in our hearts evermore. Love you, Sweet Pea. xx

frasersmummy Sat 25-Aug-12 17:05:55

i thought it would be easier to find if we linked to our dates thread from the first page of the thread

all our precious dates

deemented Sat 25-Aug-12 17:09:30

Thank you fioled for starting this thread.

In memory of my forever baby, my Ciaran, who died shortly after he was born, very nearly eight years ago now.

There's not a day i don't think of you, lovely, my lovely x

lavandes Sat 25-Aug-12 17:29:18

Thank you fioled for our new thread, may we continue to support eachother for as long as we need to xx

Remembering our beloved Richard loved and missed beyond words xxx

MrsKwazii Sat 25-Aug-12 17:37:02

Thank you for the new thread Fioled

Thinking of my beautiful girl who showed me just how deep love can be - thank you for the four wonderful years that we had together. It's been six months since you left us and I miss you with all my heart xx

MrsY Sat 25-Aug-12 18:23:04

Thanks for the link and the poem, fm. x

Tamisara Sat 25-Aug-12 20:55:18

Thank you Fioled for this new thread, and thanks to Blue for the previous one.

Remembering Tamsin Rainbow - loved always, missed forever xx

Whatevertheweather Sat 25-Aug-12 21:27:23

Beautiful thread fioled Remembering our darling Erin, especially today on her 1st birthday xxxx

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. What a hard hard day. How I wish she was here with us. Baby Holly being born seems to have set me right back, makes me realise just what we missed out on with Erin.

Love to all xx

MrsKwazii Sat 25-Aug-12 21:33:20

Happy birthday Erin and oodles of (((()))) for you WTW

lavandes Sat 25-Aug-12 22:49:48

Sending love to you and your family tonight whatever and Happy 1st Birthday to your precious Erin xxx

expatinscotland Sat 25-Aug-12 23:55:58

Thanks for the new thread!

Happy Birthday Erin smile.

I'm mum to Aillidh, 19 June 2003 - 7 July 2012. She died in PICU at Yorkhill Hospital, Glasgow, from complications of treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia. And to her younger sister, age 6, and brother, age 3.

goingtoexplodesoon Sun 26-Aug-12 02:12:57

Thanks for the new thread.

I'm mother to beautiful Emily. She would have been four three weeks ago, and died one year ago. The three years we shared were the best time of my life. Every star in the sky makes me think of you. Always loved, never forgotten.

deemented Sun 26-Aug-12 07:41:57

wtw I hope yesterday passed as easily as it could for you, sweets x

shabbapinkfrog Sun 26-Aug-12 12:41:52

Thank you for the new thread Fi....2,500 miles away in Greece but got a few minutes to get on the laptop. Remembering Gareth & Matthew - my precious boys....each time I sit around the pool 2 big butterflies hover and then fly away. They are enormous and the bottom part of their wings goes into a kind of long point. So beautiful.


chipmonkey Sun 26-Aug-12 14:11:10

Remembering Sylvie-Rose, the mosr beautiful girl in the World, stolen by SIDS last October. The princess of white feathers, pink roses and unexpected rainbows.

MrsY Sun 26-Aug-12 22:47:40

Details for the first ten lots of the auction went up on the website today. If any of you are on facebook or twitter and can share the link, I'd really appreciate it.

alyak2011 Sun 26-Aug-12 23:22:06

Hiya everyone smile just wondering if any of you had a most mortem done and how long it took to get results. ive recently changed address and as far as im aware my hospital notes etc are in my old address. I still speak to the lady that i moved with so im sure she will pass on post however im just curious to find out if the results or letter form the hospital will be sent or will they ring :S

i have birth on the 10th of july and i still havent recieved a 6 week check up, all ive had is a midwife come out to me 3 days after and said i was looking fine. sorry for tmi but ive stopped bleeding and alread had my first period so do i really need this check up?

lavandes Sun 26-Aug-12 23:31:54

Hi alyak My son died on April 18th 1010 and we did not receive pm results until late August 2010. Wy it should take so long is a mystery to me xx

alyak2011 Sun 26-Aug-12 23:33:26

hi lav did u get a letter to see a consultant through the post to get the results hun?

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