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Our fantastic DD3 has lost her battle.

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3girlies Sat 28-Jul-12 12:01:30

Our beautiful and brave DD3 lost her battle against a brain tumour on 2nd July.She was 6 years old. The end came very quickly, just 2 wks after we were told it had spread, though she had been ill for a few weeks, we were hoping it was just the chemo hitting her hard. So devastated, I am weeping all the time it seems, how can you help the other children cope when you can't do it yourself?
I am glad she died at home in our bed with me, my worst nightmare would have been a long slow decline in Birmingham Children's hospital, I am trying to comfort myself with this one thing. The grief seems unbearable otherwise.

SirBoobAlot Sat 28-Jul-12 12:08:16

I'm so so sorry for your loss. xx

AThingInYourLife Sat 28-Jul-12 12:08:27

I'm so sorry for your loss sad

whatinthewhatnow Sat 28-Jul-12 12:09:24

3 I am so so sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love to you all.

coffeeandcake Sat 28-Jul-12 12:09:53

I am so so sorry to hear that. sending big hugs to you xx

maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour Sat 28-Jul-12 12:11:00

I am so terribly sorry for your loss xxx

RandomMess Sat 28-Jul-12 12:11:04

So sorry to read this x

Sorry to hear about this x

MyinnergoddessisatLidl Sat 28-Jul-12 12:11:50

Sorry to hear about your loss. X

OlympyWindowMash Sat 28-Jul-12 12:12:03

I am so sorry. I can't begin to imagine how you must be feeling.

PavlovtheCat Sat 28-Jul-12 12:12:56

I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time x

ErmaGerdOlermpercs Sat 28-Jul-12 12:13:14

I'm so, so sorry.

MikeLitorisRings Sat 28-Jul-12 12:15:33

I am so sorry to hear this sad

Rest in peace lovely girl.

love and thoughts to you and your family.

mumblechum1 Sat 28-Jul-12 12:17:07

I'm very very sorry. What was her name, and what did she love to do?

BellaVita Sat 28-Jul-12 12:19:03

Am so very sorry x

MissAnnersley Sat 28-Jul-12 12:20:33

I am so sorry to read this. Thinking of you and your family.

3girlies Sat 28-Jul-12 12:21:07

She was another lovely redhead, her name was Flora and loved dancing music bikes sandcastles parks, computer games everything really! She had ASD, so was was also quirky and funny, such fab interesting company, she was the centre of my world and I am lost without her. Can barely see the keyboard through the tears.

3girlies Sat 28-Jul-12 12:22:05

Thanks for your messages, I used to be on here quite a bit but not much in the last couple of years, just had to post this.

5madthings Sat 28-Jul-12 12:24:31

i am so sorry sad

RIP Flora xxx

mishymashy Sat 28-Jul-12 12:25:09

I am so very sorry XX

BigBoobiedBertha Sat 28-Jul-12 12:25:49

I am so so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Rest in Peace Flora.

OhDoAdmitMrsDeVere Sat 28-Jul-12 12:26:53

I am so sorry. Your Flora sounds astounding smile
I am so glad she was at home with you too x

HairyPotter Sat 28-Jul-12 12:27:03

I am so sorry for your loss. Flora sounds like an adorable wee girl. You and your family are in my thoughts. xx

HesterBurnitall Sat 28-Jul-12 12:27:27

Flora is such a beautiful name and your daughter sounds wonderful.

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

DizzyCow63 Sat 28-Jul-12 12:29:27

I'm so so sorry. Flora sounds like a fantastic girl, fly high beautiful xxx

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