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MY son died

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mumof2teenboys Wed 04-Jul-12 04:13:13

Don't know how to say it, but need to put it down. My beautiful son was found dead last night. I don't know what to do. He is 22 but still my baby, how do you begin to process something like this?

DaydreamDolly Wed 04-Jul-12 04:16:59

Oh my goodness I am so so dreadfully sorry. Words are not enough at a time like this. Prayers and thoughts are with you. What is your sons name?

Thumbwitch Wed 04-Jul-12 04:18:13

Oh my God, you poor love. sad sad What a horrible thing to happen (((hugs))).

If you want to talk about it, go ahead - you will still be in shock just now, I'm sure so your feelings will be all over the place, mostly disbelief.

SittingBull Wed 04-Jul-12 04:20:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thumbwitch Wed 04-Jul-12 04:22:34

Mumto - have just noticed your last post about his illness - is that a factor in what's happened, do you know?

Sorry if it sounds intrusive but if it is, it may help to put it down as well because people who have had similar experiences will be able to help more specifically. Still so so sad

AmethystMoon Wed 04-Jul-12 04:23:23

I am so sorry. I cannot begin to understand how you feel and I am sure you might feel numb and in shock for a while yet. My thoughts are with you, big hugs. Hopefully someone with experience will be along shortly to help you .

CheerfulYank Wed 04-Jul-12 04:29:31

Oh, I am so so sorry. I don't know what to say, but please feel free to talk as much as you want, about your boy or what you're feeling.

I am so sorry.

SconeInSixtySeconds Wed 04-Jul-12 04:32:30

I'm so sorry - the loss you feel must be terrible. sad I'm sending cyber hugs to you.

Do you have someone to talk to in RL?

Outnumbered4to1 Wed 04-Jul-12 04:34:51

I have no words - just so sorry sad is there someone there with you? Sending you my love and virtual hugs.

Thumbwitch Wed 04-Jul-12 04:35:47

Mumto - is your other DS with you? How is he as well? Hope you're with each other and holding on tight. xx

Flimflammery Wed 04-Jul-12 04:55:22

Oh that is so unspeakably sad, I'm sorry. Sending you love. I hope you can allow others to look after you and your family.

EMS23 Wed 04-Jul-12 05:10:54

I'm so sorry, I hope you have someone with you and your family.

Bertrude Wed 04-Jul-12 05:13:03

Oh gosh, I'm so very sorry sad Hope there's someone with you for support

robino Wed 04-Jul-12 05:16:08

I am so sorry. X

CurrySpice Wed 04-Jul-12 05:17:53

Oh goodness me I am so sorry to hear that sad

DontForgetTheLightAlesLawrence Wed 04-Jul-12 05:18:14

Oh goodness, how terribly awful. What an unbearable situation.

I hope you've got people around you for comfort.

I'm so sorry for you.

futureunknown Wed 04-Jul-12 06:02:02

I am so sorry, I hope you have company with you. Thinking of you sad.

lilbreeze Wed 04-Jul-12 06:02:08

sad so sorry

HesterBurnitall Wed 04-Jul-12 06:07:51

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. Love doesn't diminish with every year our children live, no matter what their age the pain must be extraordinary. I hope you're not alone.

StealthPolarBear Wed 04-Jul-12 06:08:01

I am so so sorry. This is awful

nightswimmer Wed 04-Jul-12 06:14:50

Sending you lovexx Hope you're with

BellaVita Wed 04-Jul-12 06:25:42

I am so sorry sad.

Wishing you much love and strength xx

herecomesthsun Wed 04-Jul-12 06:31:55

I am so sorry.

Firebird20 Wed 04-Jul-12 06:41:11

So so sorry to hear this. x x x

DancesWithWoolsEnPointe Wed 04-Jul-12 06:47:10

Mum2 - I have not experienced this myself, but a very good friend has. Her answer to how do I begin to process this is "One day at a time" but right now, everyone else is right - don't be alone, accept all the help that is being offered and just survive.

I am dreadfully sorry for your loss.

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