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mootoo Tue 28-Feb-06 10:31:39

HI i just want to know peoples experience of these - i am going in for one on thursday after a missed miscarriage.
I know emotionally it is and will be tough, but i am worried about physically. I have never been in to hospital apart from to have dd.
How long will i be in? Is there much bleeding after? Will it hurt? Do i have to rest after it, or can i try to get back to normal?
There are probably lots more questions, but obviously it is impossible to think straight at the moment.

mootoo Tue 28-Feb-06 15:20:57

Just bumping this in case any one missed it.

harpsichordcarrier Tue 28-Feb-06 15:25:59

hello mootoo, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing OK.
IME the procedure is short and you will be out within the day. I would think about resting for a while afterwards if you can. I don't remember much bleeding afterwards, just some discomfort. However the next month's period was very heavy in my case - I mean heavy enough to flush out a tampon (sorry if TMI).
good luck and quick recovery. Be kind to yourself and get lots of support and help.

Gem13 Tue 28-Feb-06 15:27:55

Probably only the day. I had to go in at 10 and waited around until 3. I was finally let at 9 but that was only because I always have low blood pressure and they wanted to keep an eye on me. Also being in hospital, everything takes an age - we waited for a nurse and then waited for a doctor to be discharged. It didn't hurt and I bled for a few day afterwards. Everyone was very kind.

I stayed at home for a couple of days but more for the emotional side of things rather than physical.

Sorry to hear your news.

cupcakes Tue 28-Feb-06 16:04:39

hi mootoo - I've been reading your posts and unfortunately have just had a very similar experience. I am currently waiting to see if I bleed in the next week - if not, I too will be booked in for this. I really want to get this over and done with.
Good luck for Thursday.

amynnixmum Tue 28-Feb-06 16:10:16

I had mine the same day as I discovered that I had had a missed miscarriage. I ended up staying in overnight but only because I didn't get the op until about 6.30 pm. It didn't feel much different afterwards to a normal period. I took a few days off work but that was due to emotional distress rather than physical needs.
Good luck for thursday{{{hugs}}}

prettybird Tue 28-Feb-06 16:32:05

Physicially it is not too bad.

May last one was also doen on a Thursday.

It's "day "surgery" and you are under a very light general anaesthetic. I felt a bit woozy for about an hour or so afterwards - read a magazine and dozed. But by the time dh came to pick me up, I was fine to walk out to the car.

Used light pads for a few days afterwards - the bleeding wasn't excessive. It was more like a preiod pain than hirting per se.

I took the Friday and the Monday off work: the friday I was just tired and the Monday was more to look after and "be nice" to myself.

One bit of advice I was given, which helped both times (I also had a missed miscarriage two years ago) was to accpet that I would be unexpectedly weepy and with stange mood swings: you are still hormonal after all.


Bella23 Tue 28-Feb-06 16:41:39

Mootoo - sorry to hear that you are going through this. I too had an ERPC and can honestly say that physically it was absolutely fine, no pain, no problems etc.
Best advice as others have said on here....take a couple of days off afterwards, be nice to yourself and be prepapred for lots of crying as your hormones rage.

HellKat Tue 28-Feb-06 16:47:43

As everyone's already said, light general anaesthetic, day case ( in & out within a few hours). Pain varies from minor-severe period pain (but warm bath or heat pads & painkillers get rid of it). Bleeding is'nt too bad and does'nt last too long. The only complication I had was they left "retained products" and I needed a another erpc a month later. It's not common and they had warned me of this happening. I had no side effects and was right as rain.
Best of luck for Thursday and take it easy.

mootoo Tue 28-Feb-06 17:56:59

Thanks everyone. It is so hard just sitting hear waiting - i just want it over and done with. I have to go in around 4.30 - they only do them at night for some bizarre reason, but should be allowed home that night.I have a dd (2)so was concerned that i might not be able to bounce around with her. DH has the following day off work to look after me, and then its the weekend - he will probably need to go back to wprk for a rest! This is the longest week of my life. Thanks for all your kind words.

CarlyP Wed 01-Mar-06 06:49:27

thinking of you mootoo. im hoping thatits allover now for me, waiting to see at scan on friday. good luck. will be thinknig of you.


HellKat Wed 01-Mar-06 06:52:38

Moo- Good luck today hun. A friend of mine's having an erpc done this afternoon too. Her name's FirstNikki. You've might have seen some of her posts. Try to take it easy afterwards and rest up. thinking of you.

CarlyP Wed 01-Mar-06 06:53:32

hellkat, did firstnikki m/c? im sure i spoke to her on the due in sept thread?


HellKat Wed 01-Mar-06 07:04:00

Yep she did. She's having the erpc done this afternoon. She was on the Due in Oct thread but was on a lot more aswell.

CarlyP Wed 01-Mar-06 07:24:06



P.S thanks for asking afterme on www thread. im doing ok. slowly getting there i think. xx

HellKat Wed 01-Mar-06 07:45:35

Will do, she's on the ttc after mc thread if ever you fancy having a chat with her. there's 3 girls off the top of my head that I can think of going through this same thing at the mo. Might be good to have them to chat to. They're not actively ttc'ing at the mo, but it's more of a support thread.

CarlyP Wed 01-Mar-06 07:47:36

ok cool. well when i get a sec later(and my boss isnt looking!....) ill have a nsoe on their.



mootoo Wed 01-Mar-06 17:43:08

Thanks everyone - i went to work today, it was good to just get my mind off it, and i think dd henjoyed the break from the misery, she was at nursery. This time tomorrow..............

cupcakes Wed 01-Mar-06 17:55:21

Will be thinking of you. I decided to try the natural route but having read a few other threads on here about missed miscarriages I'm starting to wish I had opted for the erpc straight away. In fact I'm going to phone the hospital tomorrow and talk it through with someone.
Best of luck. Hope it goes all ok.

Nemo1977 Wed 01-Mar-06 18:17:32

hi mootoo had erpc in dec2005. Physically it wasnt that bad. I went in at 8am had op at 11am and was home by 4pm. I bled for about 3wks after but pain wasnt too bad some cramps like af for a day but nothing else.
Will be thinking about you hun as I know how hard it is.

mootoo Fri 03-Mar-06 11:14:23

Thanks for all your messages. I had it done yesterday. I feel a bit dazed still but also feel relieved that it is all over.

Nicola63 Sun 05-Mar-06 19:15:33

Hi there, I just found this thread (have been on the pregnancy and conception boards, didn't realise this one was here too). I had an ERPC too, after a missed m/c last week, and just wnated to add my solidarity and support. It was my second almost identical experience within a year, and as such very upsetting indeed. But things do get better day by day. Look after yourself and pamper yourself, it really does help. I took 2 days off work and just ate all my favourite things and re read my favourite bits of my favourite books. It helped, as does time, although I felt rather fragile again today for some reason...

Nicola63 Sun 05-Mar-06 20:50:14

PS I felt like s* for three days and then tired for three, but then quite normal again (physically). The pain lasted longer with the second one (but I had to go to my own wedding four days after the first one so just blocked out the pain and drank heavily, so that probably had something to do with it). But now, after nearly two weeks, all is normal again. Hope you soon feel the same.

mootoo Sun 05-Mar-06 21:44:10

Thanks nicola, i am very up and down - i am off to stay with my mum for a couple of days. I figured a change of scene and some pampering might help. Physically i am fine - mentally i am screwed. I just want to scream "why me". As you said time will help.

FirstNikki Mon 06-Mar-06 13:28:32

Mootoo so sorry you have had to go through this. best wishes for the the future. xx

Carlyp, how are you now, how was your scan? I did sadly mc but the night before erpc I passed naturally so cancelled the op. Got scanned on thursday..again..and got the all clear. Thanks for asking x

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