Is there anything I can do?

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Kellamity Wed 09-May-12 09:29:43

My neighbour died this morning. Fairly young, very short unexpected illness, leaves a young child and partner. I am reeling, goodness knows what they are feeling. Is there anything I can do? Don't know what's appropriate sad

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Lozza70 Wed 09-May-12 09:34:37

Food they can just heat up is always a help. We had a recent bereavement and it was great not having to cook. Also if there are a lot of callers at the house someone to make tea/ coffee and do the washing up is really useful. Mind you we were in Ireland so it was a full wake with loads of callers. It's difficult if there is a young child. If they know you well some babysitting may be useful while they sort funeral arrangements.

Kellamity Wed 09-May-12 14:35:29

Yes I thought about food. I might make a lasagne or something, I'm into bread making at the mo maybe some fresh bread? Feel so sad for them, such s loss sad

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