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''Even the smallest of footprints have the power to leave an everlasting imprint on the Earth'' Remembering with love our darling children

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Whatevertheweather Tue 17-Apr-12 21:40:30

Remembering not only what we have lost but what our darling children have given to us.

A new 'safe haven' thread. Thank you Chip for our last one which filled up in just a month. A sure sign of lots of tears, smiles and wonderful support.

All our children have taught us something whether they were born sleeping, lived just a little while, weeks, months or years. Here are mine:

Never ever take anything for granted, life can change very quickly.
Listen to yourself; your instincts will nearly always be right.
That it is possible to function  seemingly normally with a broken heart.
That I have a wonderful relationship that can withstand the hardest of times.
That love and support can come from the most unexpected sources.
That I have a lot of very lovely friends, new and old.
That my family is amazing.
That no matter what it is impossible not to smile and laugh with my beautiful Katie around.
That a rainbow can provide hope in the darkest of times.
That there will be good days and bad days
That I love my children more than I ever thought possible.

For all our darling children xxx

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everlong Tue 17-Apr-12 22:01:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluetinkerbell Tue 17-Apr-12 22:16:08

thank you for the new thread whatever

chip thanks for the previous one!

For my darling Sterre: Love, like starlight, never dies! Miss you!

chipmonkey Tue 17-Apr-12 22:39:18

Thanks, whatever. smile Lovely thread title.

Have had to pin on a virtual smile this evening. A college friend just posted on FB. His wife just gave birth to their fifth baby, a little sister to four big brothers. Just like we had. It has knocked me for six. I should be happy for them but I feel so insanely jealous. Which is not a nice trait, is it? Sometimes it seems like circumstances collude to twist the knife just a little bit more.

lavandes Wed 18-Apr-12 07:00:52

Precious memories of our beloved Richard, taken from us so suddenly two years ago today, a loving dad, son and brother missed so much. He will live on forever in our hearts. xxx

Thanks for another lovely thread whatever.

everlong Wed 18-Apr-12 07:42:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tamisara Wed 18-Apr-12 09:12:34

Whatever A lovely title & a beautiful first post xx

Chip Thanks for the last thread smile I wish I could give you a huge ((())), I'm sorry you're feeling so down (though it's perfectly understandable), I hope this passes quickly for you, it really is shit, and I think you're coping amazingly well xx

everlong I wish I was half as energetic as you smile xx

Tamisara Wed 18-Apr-12 09:15:33

I forgot to say that I'm remembering Tamsin Rainbow, my longed for 2nd DD and 3rd child, my beautiful, black-haired, blue-eyed girl, who will be forever a missed little sister. They say time heals and makes it better, 6 months in I'm sure that is not true, the pain is still as bad, you just get used to the feeling of continual heartache, pining & longing xx

fioled Wed 18-Apr-12 09:16:50

Gorgeous new thread whatever - I love your first post. B has taught me so much the same. smile

Our beautiful baby Belle we miss you. Loved to the moon and back, always. I wish my biggest wish could come true xxx

chip jealousy is normal. You know what, I still have a twang and cope much less well with baby girl announcements.

lavandes thoughts with you today.

MiaAlexandrasmummy Wed 18-Apr-12 09:29:13

whatever what an achingly beautiful first post. Might I use the first line as part of our Mia's Wood description? That is exactly how we feel about Mia - that even a little person can make a big difference to the world.

For my beautiful red-headed girl - Mia, you made your daddy and I the happiest people in the world when you arrived into our lives. You have changed us forever. You nestle in my heart.

lavandes special <<hugs>>> to you today, remembering Richard. May your memories make you smile, and your love for him overflow.

chip my friend, if you didn't feel jealous, then you would be a saint of the highest degree. You are a mummy to four beautiful boys and Sylvie-Rose, forever. No-one else is her mummy, that is your special, unique role.

blizy Wed 18-Apr-12 09:46:07

Whatever- beautiful title and and a wonderful post. Thank you

Chip- thank you for the last thread. It is very much normal to be envious. I can't bring myself to take on any little girl mindees for the Same reason.

Lavandes- thinking of you and Richard today. X

blizy Wed 18-Apr-12 09:47:26

Oops posted too soon.

Remembering by beautiful Zoe bear every minute of every day. Love you with all of my being. X

orion3 Wed 18-Apr-12 10:15:27

Thank you for the new thread and what a lovely post whatever

Remembering my beautiful boy Jude, today and every day.

everlong Wed 18-Apr-12 10:32:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chipmonkey Wed 18-Apr-12 11:41:26

Am just going to pop out and light a candle for Richard here too, lavandes

Tamisara Wed 18-Apr-12 12:32:29

lavandes I posted before I'd read properly. I'm thinking of you & Richard too. I hope you are being kind to yourself xx

Miasmummy I've put some photos of Bluebells, taken in my garden yesterday for you. I was so excited to see them xx

chip I've got a photo I wanted to put up for you (it's a monkey face in a tree, but for some (mad) reason, I want you to see it, but I can't find it at the moment, when I do, I'll let you know xx

I've also put a couple of photos of the jacket I bought for Tamsin up, it's hard to see in the photo, but the lining has rainbow stripes... bloody ironic now xx

chipmonkey Wed 18-Apr-12 17:35:29

So tami, you look at monkeys and you think of me?


CheeseandGherkins Wed 18-Apr-12 18:19:01

Remembering Scarlett Niamh, always loved, never forgotten. We took Ella to visit her again the other day with some flowers. Time to start looking at headstones again sad it just isn't right.

Tamisara Wed 18-Apr-12 18:36:39

Chip I look at warthogs & think of me (poor warthogs) smile it was due to your name, and I dreamt about them before I knew there was a tree with a monkey face in, I've always considered it lucky for some reason xx

Tamisara Wed 18-Apr-12 18:39:46

I found it chip, and have uploaded it! xx

everlong Wed 18-Apr-12 18:41:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

everlong Wed 18-Apr-12 18:42:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PotteringAlong Wed 18-Apr-12 18:59:54

Sorry to intrude ladies but this thread just appeared in active conversations and sadly it's someone who will need your help.

lavandes Wed 18-Apr-12 19:18:29

Hi ladies xx

Thankyou all for your kind messages today. I do appreciate all the support you have given me over the past 2 years. xx

everlong Wed 18-Apr-12 19:28:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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