My mum just died

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swedishmum Wed 08-Feb-06 03:17:41

My poor dad doesn't even know yet - he's deaf so wouldn't hear the phone. He moved last week while mum ws in hospital as she wanted a bungalow. Too bad she never saw it. We had a detached relationship but I'm still feeling raw.

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Bouj Wed 08-Feb-06 04:51:08

I'm sorry.

foundintranslation Wed 08-Feb-06 06:48:23

Really sorry swedishmum.

beep Wed 08-Feb-06 07:05:23

I'm sorry to hear this swedishmum

beep Wed 08-Feb-06 07:05:37

I'm sorry to hear this swedishmum

Miaou Wed 08-Feb-06 08:07:11

I remember reading about this last week swedishmum. I'm sorry to hear about your mum.

Remember - your feelings are your feelings. Don't feel guilty if you feel unable to do the "loving daughter grieving" bit.

Thinking of you. (hugs)

Redtartanlass Wed 08-Feb-06 08:08:26

AwwSwedishmum,detached relationship or not, she was still your mum.

Thoughts are with you


macwoozy Wed 08-Feb-06 08:09:35

I'm sorry

soapbox Wed 08-Feb-06 08:11:47

Very sorry SM

Poor old Dad as well!

fairyjay Wed 08-Feb-06 08:23:51

Thinking of you.

hoxtonchick Wed 08-Feb-06 08:26:31

so sorry

lars Wed 08-Feb-06 08:27:22

Im am really sorry for your lost. larsxx

Trophywife Wed 08-Feb-06 08:40:31

am really sorry for you and your family.

Trophywife Wed 08-Feb-06 08:40:36

am really sorry for you and your family.

Hausfrau Wed 08-Feb-06 09:15:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 08-Feb-06 09:35:28

Sorry to hear this, swedishmum.

biglips Wed 08-Feb-06 09:36:41

oh no so sorry xxxx

bubble99 Wed 08-Feb-06 09:37:18

I'm sorry too, SM.


swedishmum Wed 08-Feb-06 14:10:25

Thank you everyone. I feel so sorry for my dad but he's turned into professional mode (as a retired vicar) and has gone home to write his sermon for the funeral. Not the best end to my birthday.

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flump30 Fri 24-Feb-06 22:41:12

Feel for you lost my mum 5 weeks ago. Doesn't feel real yet

Frizbetheexpansionset Fri 24-Feb-06 22:44:36

very sorry

swedishmum Sat 25-Feb-06 21:03:08

Thank you so much for all your messages - as an only child it's good to have somewhere to post. I'm so proud of my dad - he'd only moved 4 days before (for mum's sake). He took the funeral and did a wonderful sermon (he's a retired vicar but I'm not religious at all) which had all of the 130 people there in laughter and tears. How he kept it together I'll never know.

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ernest Sun 26-Feb-06 16:51:30

didn't read other thread so don't know all the circumstances, but it must be terrible to loose your mum whatever and wanted to offer my sympathies too

gupper Sat 19-Aug-06 20:41:24

my mum dies 7 weeks ago after a tough battle to cancer i cant get my head around it and am scared if i dont accept it im going to make myself ill, cant bear the thought of never seeing or talking to her again

bramblina Sat 19-Aug-06 20:59:22

I'm so sorry. Hope you can deal with this all ok.

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