Poem for a bereaved mother

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TartyMcFarty Wed 29-Feb-12 21:11:11

I remember a while ago, MrsDeVere posted a poem in memory of her daughter. I'd like to send a copy to the mother of a child in my class who suddenly passed away before half term. Can anybody link me to the poem, please?

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chipmonkey Wed 29-Feb-12 21:26:14

Footprints In the Snow:

We fall to the earth like leaves
Lives as brief as footprints in snow
No words express the grief we feel
I feel I cannot let her go.
For she is everywhere.
Walking on the windswept beach
Talking in the sunlit square.
Next to me in the car
I see her sitting there.
At night she dreams me
and in the morning the sun does not rise.
My life is as thin as the wind
And I am done with counting stars.
She is gone, she is gone.
I am her sad music, and I play on, and on, and on.
(Roger McGough)

TartyMcFarty Wed 29-Feb-12 21:46:10

Thank you, that's beautiful but it wasn't that one.

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chipmonkey Wed 29-Feb-12 22:54:39

Was it on a poetry thread? If it was, I think it may have been on chat and is possibly gone? That's the one I remember her posting but she must have posted more.

chipmonkey Wed 29-Feb-12 23:24:15

This one?

The Recall

The night was dark when she went away, and the slept.
The night is dark now, and I call for her, "Come back, my
darling; the world is asleep; and no one would know, if you came
for a moment while stars are gazing at stars."
She went away when the trees were in bud and the spring was
Now the flowers are in high bloom and I call, "Come back, my
darling. The children gather and scatter flowers in reckless sport.
And if you come and take one little blossom no one will miss it."
Those that used to play are playing still, so spendthrift is
I listen to their chatter and call, "Come back, my darling,
for mother's heart is full to the brim with love, and if you come
to snatch only one little kiss from her no one will grudge it."

Rabinderath Tagore

everlong Thu 01-Mar-12 07:35:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TartyMcFarty Thu 01-Mar-12 14:00:23

That's it, chip. Thank you.

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