Suitable gift for bereaved neighbour

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Joygirl78 Wed 01-Feb-12 11:50:38

I just found out that my neighbours wife died very suddenly of cancer a few weeks ago. We knew she had been taken ill and I suspected that it wasn't good, but they are extremely private and we hadn't wanted to intrude to ask at a difficult time. Today our paths crossed outside and he told me she has gone. They were married 46 years and had barely ever been apart in all that time.
We dom't know them very well, but I feel that I'd like to make a suitable gift or do something. Is it appropriate to send flowers to a gentleman in his 60's? Would he appreciate something like a homemade fruitcake with a card? Any other ideas? I am so sad to hear the news.

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belgo Wed 01-Feb-12 11:51:21

A fruitcake and a card is a good idea.

iseenodust Wed 01-Feb-12 11:56:41

Cake is a lovely idea. Maybe see if you can stay for 5 mins chat too? Older men are shown to take the loss of a wife particularly hard - often the wife led on social plans/contact with family etc.

OhMissJones Wed 01-Feb-12 12:15:38

A fruit cake and a card is a lovely idea. He might not have much of an appetite and they last ages, just right with a cuppa. You could give him a block of Wensleydale to go with it.
If he's not a cake fan himself he has something to give any callers to the house.
I don't do flowers for the bereaved (they die sad ) but a little plant can be a nice gesture - if he has a garden, the Coop have little primulas for about £2.50 just now.

You sound like a good neighbour smile

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