Our first Christmas without my gorgeous Nan

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McPhee Sat 24-Dec-11 08:35:21

We lost Nan back in April, and this Christmas is going to be so very hard. She was a wonderful 94 yr old when she passed, after a very hard illness which took away the person she once was. We had such a fabulous relationship, and I was the only one who could get away with being a bit rude and cheeky to her, in a nice way though obviously. She was the life and soul of our family, the most respected, and by god I miss her. Typing this through tears now.

What makes it even harder is that I'm now expecting my first baby, and she'll never get to meet her great grandchild. That hurts so much.

I love you Nan, and not a day goes past when I don't think about you.

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McPhee Sun 25-Dec-11 08:02:44

Today already feels wrong sad

I am missing you so much Nan, but mum and I will be along to spend time with you as soon as it gets a bit lighter.

Love you xxxxxx

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georgethecat Sun 25-Dec-11 09:34:41

McPhee just found your post.....my nan died 2 days ago, don't want to do today without her. We were rude & cheeky to her too smile I keep laughing & crying with memories. Am 7 months pregnant and gutted too that she went a bit too soon. I guess I just keeping the thought that she was so level and certainly wouldnt have wanted me to be so upset. I think we have to take comfort from the fact that they knew they were loved, being part of a family and being missed. I work in a place where people havent always got family that want to know & sometimes die alone & are not missed. I hope you get through today and can laugh at the times you had, I'm sure your nan wouldn't want you to feel so sad, mine would be telling me off!

McPhee Sun 25-Dec-11 10:03:17

I'm so sorry for you loss George.

Much love to you, and I also hope you manage to somehow make it through the day. xx

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Sparklingbaubles Sun 25-Dec-11 10:33:02

Morning McPhee <hugs>.

McPhee Sun 25-Dec-11 10:56:37

Morning Sparkling...thank you x

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nativityneepsntinseltatties Sun 25-Dec-11 11:00:50

So sorry for your loss. We lost our gran recently too, just before her 90th. Last Christmas eve we buried her sister, my aunt and earlier that year my dad. Christmas is hard. Gran was the centre of our family, now that has gone.

nativityneepsntinseltatties Sun 25-Dec-11 11:01:39

Meant to say I hope you can have a day of remembering the good times with your nan.

McPhee Sun 25-Dec-11 11:03:20

I know how you feel Nativity, we also buried nans daughter, and son-in-law all without her knowing they had even dies as she was just too poorly to even understand or cope. We; were planning such a big party for her 95th Next year as well sad

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nativityneepsntinseltatties Sun 25-Dec-11 11:33:23

We were planning our Gran's 90th too. It was a surprise party, I wish she had known.

McPhee Sun 25-Dec-11 22:22:39

I hope everyone has managed to get through their day

Peace to you all

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