My thoughts go out to all of you who will be missing someone this Christmas.

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magicOC Fri 23-Dec-11 20:10:21

I'm struggling a bit myself tonight. It's not easy, no matter how old or how recent your loss is, there is always that ache there.

Hope you all have a peaceful Christmas.


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KurriKurri Fri 23-Dec-11 23:20:40

Thank you magicOC, I'm sorry you are struggling too, its a very tough time of year. I lost my darling Dad four weeks ago, and I am heartbroken, it hurts so much sad

Much love to anyone else suffering from a loss.


JingleAllTheWay Sat 24-Dec-11 13:39:03

I'm finding it very hard this year but lost my parents years ago. Having a moment right now when I should be getting on with a wrapathon.

magicOC Sat 24-Dec-11 16:05:34

Kurri, so sorry for your loss sad I wish you peace and strength to get thru it, it's all still so raw for yo.

Jingle, it's 16yrs today since my mum died, remember it like it was yesterday. sad My dad has been away a few years too. This year for some reason it's harder. I really don't know why????

Your entitiled to have "your moment". I still have to get the wrapping done too. Maybe putting on the Christmas carols won't be such a good idea.

Peace to you too Jingle.

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WelshCerys Sat 24-Dec-11 18:42:23

Magic, Kutti and Jingle - thinking of you this evening.

Thinking, too, of my mum and dad and of Christmases past, especially the childhood ones. Mum went to a lot of trouble, we all went to Church, and Dad always managed, at lunchtime, to talk about the poor, especially in Africa, and to wonder out loud how there could be a God who let all that happen. And Mum would speak sense (as well) - and the family would be together - imperfect but complete.

Let's remember our mums and dads and cherish those still living.

Love to all of them and to us. xxx

JingleAllTheWay Sat 24-Dec-11 21:44:59

WelshCerys - wise words there lovely. Thank you
Sending love to everyone here x

JingleAllTheWay Sat 24-Dec-11 21:45:52

WelshCerys - wise words there lovely. Thank you
Sending love to everyone here x

KurriKurri Sat 24-Dec-11 22:16:09

Thank you for those words WelshCerys, what you say is so true. Love to everyone on this thread. xx

mummylin2495 Sat 24-Dec-11 22:27:34

I too am struggling with the unexpected loss of my mum 8 weeks ago.I am dreading tomorrow.To everyone else suffering a loss, my deepest sympathies.

drummerswife Sat 24-Dec-11 22:41:40

my dh's grandma passed away this afternoon.dh has gone to to see his mum and is then going to midnight mass to light a candle and say a prayer.thinking of everyone who is missing someone x

JingleAllTheWay Sun 25-Dec-11 12:25:48

Love to your family drummerswife x

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