second pregnancy after death of first child

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ChezzAboom Mon 05-Dec-11 20:34:27

My first child died due to pnemonia in 11th april 2010 i know its been a good while since we lost her but now i'm pregnant again. it was very much planned and is everything i have wanted for the past two years but i feel so guity that im not feeling excited about this pregnancy i just wish that i could be enjoying it with my three year old teaching her about nappies and bottles, instead we have to visit her grave to update her. has anyone else dealt with this sometimes i feel so alone sad

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karmathreefold Mon 05-Dec-11 21:00:25

Oh sweetie, I'm so, so sorry (((hugs)))

It is no time at all since your precious girl died.

I have no idea what it feels like to be pregnant after losing a child, and I would love to have another child if I'm able to.

I lost my baby 5 weeks ago, and have a 17 month old, and do feel cheated out of being able to have her grow up with her little sister.

You're not alone, there are other women who've been where you are, and you're in good company here, with lots of wonderful ladies, with a wealth of support and wisdom.

Of course the joy is blunted somewhat, of course you miss your little angel, and - even when your new child is here - you will still feel that someone is missing, the jigsaw is never quite complete, but your daughter will always be with you in spirit, and your new baby will grow up knowing about his/her older sister - so in that way she will be still here, and is still a huge part of your family. xx

chipmonkey Tue 06-Dec-11 17:42:22

Chezz, there is a thread for Mum's of Angel and Rainbow babies. I'll find it for you....

chipmonkey Tue 06-Dec-11 17:45:24

here you go

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