One of my closest friends died today.

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JayzMummy Tue 03-Jan-06 23:58:40

Im really hurting.

She is the brightest, happiest person I have ever known. She has always been there for me when I needed her. She stood by me through some pretty hard times when we were fighting for DS2's diagnosis and I cant believe she is gone

I really can not take it all in.
I sat chatting with her this morning whilst having a coffee...we were laughing about the antics we got up to on New Years Eve, looking at the photos and having a really good giggle.
She said she felt like she was getting a headache coming so I took her son with me so she could potter around at home and put her feet up.
I dropped him off outside their house a couple of hours later.
She collapsed at 3pm and her DH called for an ambulance...its was to late...she died. Why???

She was fit and healthy. Shes the party girl. She never smoked in her life and is so bloomin active.
The hospital are saying it was an aneurysm but we will know more once the have done all they need to do.
FGS she is only 42. She has a 13 year old boy who needs his mom...this just cant be happening.
I feel so numb/sick/ DH is in shock and my kids heartbroken...she is just such a huge part of our life...Why???

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TambaTheDragonSlayer Wed 04-Jan-06 00:00:54

so sorry

wish there was something i could say.. thinking of you xxx

Janh Wed 04-Jan-06 00:01:07

There's nothing anyone can say to make you feel any better, but I am very very sorry this has happened to you all, jayzmummy.

Sallystrawberry Wed 04-Jan-06 00:05:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

4blue1pink Wed 04-Jan-06 00:05:43

how terrible least you were there for her right at the end although neither of you knew it.....

Thinking of you now X

Maddison Wed 04-Jan-06 00:53:56

I'm so sorry Jayzmummy

It's so hard to understand when it seems they are so fit and healthy

soapbox Wed 04-Jan-06 01:00:35

OMG - JM - how awful for your friend and her family, and for you and yours too

It really is terribly tragic for all of you - so young and with such a young child

soapbox Wed 04-Jan-06 01:00:37

OMG - JM - how awful for your friend and her family, and for you and yours too

It really is terribly tragic for all of you - so young and with such a young child

sunchowder Wed 04-Jan-06 01:10:04

So sorry to hear this JayzMummy...there is no explaining why these things happen, so horrible for those left behind. Sending you strength to get through this.

Cadmum Wed 04-Jan-06 01:42:27

Oh dear... I have no clue what I could possibly say to make this any less painful but I could not read your message without a reply. My heart goes out to you and to both of your families. How shocking.

ESSgonnaBEEagreatnewyear Wed 04-Jan-06 02:09:30

Message withdrawn

gravity Wed 04-Jan-06 04:55:50

honey i am so so sorry for your loss of such a beautiful friend

dont expect to take it in so soon, it takes however much time it takes.

talk it through here or wherever you can, dont bottle up your emotions no matter what.

by what you have written it looks like you will not only be dealing with you but as she was so close you have your dh, your kids and her dh and boy too. its what us mums do, take others under our wings

be strong, sending my love to you, your family and her family xx

kitegirl Wed 04-Jan-06 05:03:30

So terribly, awfully sorry, what an awful thing to happen, made me cry thinking of you and her family. Cannot even begin to think how you all must be feeling. Big hugs x

TheholyGHOSTY Wed 04-Jan-06 05:21:46

OMG ... how terrible ....
I am thinking of you and the poor lady's family xxx

JayzMummy Wed 04-Jan-06 07:58:03

Thanks so much for all your kind words of support.

Its been a long old night with many tears shed.
Its DS1s birthday today and as hard as its going to be we have to make his day a happy one...quite how we will manage that though when all we want to do is cry out hearts out is beyond me.

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sobernow Wed 04-Jan-06 08:06:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

throckenholt Wed 04-Jan-06 08:09:56

try and keep in mind that she would not have wanted your son to have a bad birthday.

And take it a day at a time - it will get better slowly, but some days will be bad, and silly things will upset you - have a good cry when you need to - it helps. And don't be afraid to laugh about the good things too.

LadyTophamHatt Wed 04-Jan-06 08:10:54

What a shock for both of your families.

Thinking of you all.

gravity Wed 04-Jan-06 08:11:19

i just wanted to send you another big hug, the next few days will be really really tough for you all x

post later if you need to chat. xx

throckenholt Wed 04-Jan-06 08:13:55

how old is your DS ? Maybe ask him if he would like to postpone his birthday until everyone is less shocked ? Let him choose if he is old enough.

SantaClausFrau Wed 04-Jan-06 08:14:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Potty1 Wed 04-Jan-06 08:21:04

So sorry Jayzmummy. What a huge loss for you all.

Hulababy Wed 04-Jan-06 08:22:23

I am so sorry

anorak Wed 04-Jan-06 08:26:14

jayzmummy, I'm so sorry. You are really having a rough time just at the moment. Lean on your friends and family. Come on mn for a moan or a cry. xxxx

I've lost good friends suddenly like this. It's awful, but you get through it and you find they're always with you afterwards. You never forget, and no one can steal your memories and the difference that person has made in your life.

LadySherlockofLGJ Wed 04-Jan-06 08:26:56

Aw sweetheart.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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