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The cycle of life

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knightofalbion Mon 14-Nov-11 10:36:25

When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfefed with by man, you will see not only abundant life all around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.

Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn't to be found anywhere. Thnere is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this?

Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal

- Eckhart Tolle (From 'Stillness Speaks')

Life is a school. We incarnate on earth to learn and to advance the soul.
Death is, quite simply, 'going home'.

Do not be afraid of death. There is nothing to fear.

For anyone in need of comfort and reassurance, or those in search of knowledge on the topic of survival of the spirit, I recommend the following books:

On Death and Dying by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Glimpses of Eternity by Dr Raymond Moody
The Art of Dying by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

For the more enquiring mind, I would also highly recommend a classic of British spiritualist literature 'The Golden Key' by Percy Welsford.

"Why have most of those who went through a near-death experience lost their fear of death? Reflect upon this"
- Eckhart Tolle

sh77 Fri 20-Apr-12 22:22:30

Thank you for sharing these beautiful passages.

I do hope my daughter comes for me.

chipmonkey Sun 22-Apr-12 21:29:44

Sh77 me too! I hope my Dad is there with dd in his arms and I half-hope she's still a little girl.

knightofalbion Fri 01-Jun-12 18:07:33

Suicide: A word to the wise

'When the fruit is ripe it will fall' - and not before

Not only does the act of suicide create a great backwash of sorrow and regret for those left behind, suicide adversely effects the soul's destined path.
Life has its purpose. We are here for a reason, not just in the general spiritual sense, but in the individual sense too - some lesson we have to learn, some mission we have to perform.

Life can be very hard at times, but the soul comes into its own, not in the sunshine but in the storm.

What we might call 'dark times' provide a golden opportunity for soul growth, and that is the meaning of life - to learn (through experience) and to advance the soul.

Whatever life throws at us, we must stand our ground. The 'dark times' will not last forever, but for a season, and if a little battered and bruised, we will emerge the stronger.

knightofalbion Fri 01-Jun-12 18:15:59

This is a NDE as reported by a 62 year old who before his NDE was a hard-nosed, no-nonsense businessman...

'The first thing I saw when I awoke in the hospital was a flower, and I cried. Believe it or not, I had never really seen a flower until I came back from 'death'.
One big thing I learned when I died was that we are all part of one big universe.
If we think we can hurt another person or another living thing without hurting ourselves we are sadly mistaken.
I look at a forest or a flower or a bird now, and say, "That is me, part of me."
We are connected with all things and if we send love along these connections, then we are happy'

- Raymond Moody (From 'The Light Beyond')

knightofalbion Fri 01-Jun-12 18:19:49

Sh77: She will...

Chipmonkey: He will...

All your loved ones, even your beloved pets, will be there when your 'time' comes and you pass over.

Take heart.

knightofalbion Fri 01-Jun-12 18:33:35

Will one be able to recognize, after death, one's child who died when very young?

Yes, because he (or she) will be shown the child as he knew it. They always forget that the child will know the parent, for the child has been watching over him all the time and will be the first to greet him when he comes to my world
- Silver Birch (From 'Teachings of Silver Birch')

chipmonkey Fri 01-Jun-12 22:28:32

knight, thanks for this thread. It's wonderfully comforting.

knightofalbion Tue 05-Jun-12 22:59:36

Stillborn : We are told by many highly evolved beings on the Other Side that at the moment of human conception the individual spirit identifies itself with the physical organism through which it will express itself during earthly life.
The etheric body develops in unison with the now individualised growing physical form. The process of synchronised development continues throughout the pre-natal period, and after normal birth.
The spark of life, once ignited, can never be extinguished. Many people do not realise the tremendous implications of this fact. Not only do children whose span of physical life measures a few hours, days, months or years survive 'death', but also those who never drew earthly breath at all.
Physical birth is not the beginning of life but a natural continuation of the process which began months earlier.
Pre-natal dissolution of the earthly form, at whatever stage of under-development it occured, does not impair or impede the continued growth of the individualised spirit body which became identified with its earthly vehicle at conception. Thus when the process of normal birth is prevented from taking place,the etheric body continues to grow and develop on the Other Side as it would have done if the earthly counterpart had not perished
- Sylvia Barbanell ('When A Child Dies')

knightofalbion Tue 05-Jun-12 23:10:55

'On what is called the 'mount of freedom', a beautiful, mountainous landscape, she saw some of the 'wild' animals which had become individualised through contact with humans, all now at peace with one another.
She was shown Elsa the lioness leaping down from a rock to the river bed.
Many, many people in their varied spirit robes went about tending to them, or visiting their own special friends.
Very many animals, of course, are living with the people they loved and who loved them, in other spheres. Our friend John has his spaniel, my husband's grandmother her dogs and horses, and we have just learned that Rudolf, our friend's cat recently passed over, is keeping our friend's mother company, an old lady who just preceded him into spirit life.
The knowledge that our loved and faithful friends are contentedly waiting to greet us is wonderful indeed. But this knowledge also forces us to take stock of our behaviour to all animals, and perhaps think much more deeply about our personal responsibility for their welfare, evolution, individualisation and happiness.
And this in turn makes us take another look at what we eat and what we wear, for all creation is one, all part of the Divine Spirit, and the Law of that spirit is LOVE'
- Peggy Mason (From 'Tales Of Two Worlds')

knightofalbion Tue 05-Jun-12 23:24:58

'I found myself floating up toward the ceiling. I could see everyone around the bed very plainly, even my own body.
I thought how odd it was that they were upset about my body. I was fine and I wanted them to know that, but there seemed to be no way to let them know. It was as though there were a veil or a screen between me and the others in the room.
I became aware of an opening, if I can call it that. It appeared to be elongated and dark and I began to zoom through it. I was puzzled yet exhilararated.
I came out of this tunnel into a realm of soft, brilliant love and light. The love was everywhere. It surrounded me and seemed to soak through into my very being.
At some point I was shown, or saw, the events of my life. They were in a kind of vast panorama.
All of this is really just indescribable.
People I knew who had died were there with me in the light, a friend who had died in college, my grandfather and a great aunt, among others. They were happy, beaming.
I didn't want to go back, but I was told that I had to by a man in light, I was being told that I had not completed what I had to do in life.
I came back into my body with a sudden lurch.'
- NDE account of Martha Todd, a respected professor of English
(From 'The Light Beyond' by Dr Raymond Moody)

knightofalbion Wed 27-Jun-12 23:19:42

"It's very beautiful over there"
- Last words of Thomas Edison

knightofalbion Wed 27-Jun-12 23:30:21

'Grandma made a noise and I happened to look up at her and saw a look of discomfort and incomprehension on her face. All of a sudden she keeled over like a fence post falling down, straight as a stick without her knees even buckling.

I could see her dead body on the floor. But also at the same time I saw a much younger version of her standing exactly where she had been standing when she fell.

Now, there was a second figure beside her who was a man about her same apparent age.
The two looked at me and waved and when they did I felt a deep love.

Then they turned away as a unit and disappeared by walking away together through the kitchen wall.

We didn't have the word 'holographic' then, but it occurs to me how that this is the best word available to characterize the experience.

The two people cold be described as looking like a hologram, yet they had a greater degree of reality to them than anything I have experienced before or since'

- A retired professor of philosophy recalling how, as a boy, he witnessed his grandmother's death
(From 'Glimpses of Eternity' by Dr Raymond Moody)

Pudgy2011 Sun 01-Jul-12 10:45:21

Today is my beloved brother's birthday, he would be 29. He lost his battle to cancer 2 weeks ago and we are all hollow without him.

He was an atheist and didn't believe in an afterlife. I hope and pray with everything I've got that he has been proven wrong. I'm a spiritual person and believe we go on, and these passages are a great source of comfort to me. I want to get one of the books for my mum as she struggles to come to terms with his loss.

Thank you for this thread.

knightofalbion Tue 14-Aug-12 13:36:52

So sorry to hear about your brother.

Life is a continuum. When your 'time' comes, all the people you have loved and who have loved you (who have passed over), irrespective of what religion they did or did not follow, will be there to greet you. Even your beloved pets will be there!

Sending thoughts of love and prayers to loved ones who have passed over are received and help them. So keep on with that.

What usually happens is that loved ones try to send a 'message' back to those left behind to let them know they're okay and still 'alive' in spirit.
Usually it is uniquely personal, something that you would understand the significance of, if not others. So keep a look out for such 'signs'.
Birds are a great favourite, as are clocks. (One does not have to be very spiritually-minded to understand the symbolic nature of all this.)

knightofalbion Sun 19-Aug-12 16:18:24

(An account given by a woman who used to work at an old people's home)

'One lady was fading at the age of 97, just slipping away. She was talking to someone, we could see her doing it but no one was there. We asked her later who it was and she said it was her sister Alice who had died six months previously. She said Alice would come for her the next day at 2.30 p.m.
I started work the next day at 2 p.m. and asked "Is she stll here?" I was told she was dying and as I was new to the job, someone would with stay with me and see me through the death experience. Just before 2.30 p.m. she opened her eyes briefly, whispered "Alice", held out her hand and passed away peacefully'
- From 'The Art of Dying by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

knightofalbion Sat 15-Sep-12 17:33:54

'Valerie nursed her father at home while he was dying of lung cancer. About two weeks before his death he started to tell her about the various dead family members who had been to visit him and whom he could see and talk to. She assumed that these 'visits' were due to the drugs he was on...

'On a couple of occasions when I heard him talking, I thought he was calling me. When I went to his room to ask what he wanted he would say, "Nothing, I was talking to your mum."
On the day he died he said, "Look, there's your mum and David (her brother), they've come again. I think I'll go now." I thought he meant he wanted to go to sleep, so I said, "OK Dad, just lie back and close your eyes - you can go to sleep now." I held his hand; he lay back on his pillow, still looking at the wall opposite, and just sighed a deep breath and passed away.
I put all this down to the medication he was on.
When I cleared his room after the funeral, I found the tablets that I had been giving him under the bed. He had not taken any of his medication.
It then dawned on me that he was not hallucinating, he must really have seen my mother and brother, and they met him to help him on his journey'
- Valerie Feasby-Quigley (From 'The Art of Dying')

DancehallDaze Mon 01-Oct-12 02:22:12

I have seen death too often to believe in death.
It is not an ending, but a withdrawal,
As one who finishes a long journey
Stills the motor
Turns off the lights
Steps from the car
And walks up the path
To the home that awaits him.

knightofalbion Tue 13-Nov-12 13:30:05

"Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow" - Last words of Apple co-founder and computer legend Steve Jobs.

Whatever it was he saw in the Beyond, it was wonderful...

knightofalbion Tue 20-Nov-12 00:49:47

Dogs In The Afterlife:

Some years ago American Bryce Bond was taken seriously ill and in the course of this underwent a NDE.

He remembered suddenly passing through a long tunnel toward a beautiful light and then...

"I hear a bark and racing toward me is a dog I once had, a black poodle called Pepe. When I see him, I feel an emotional floodgate open. Tears fill my eyes. He jumps into my arms, licking my face. As I hold him, he is real, more real than I had ever experienced him. I can smell him, feel him, hear his breathing and sense his great joy at being with me again.

I put my dog to the ground and step forward to embrace my stepfather, when a very strong voice is heard in my consciousness 'Not yet' it says. I scream 'Why?' Then this inner voice says 'What have you learned? and who have you helped?' I am dumbfounded. The voice seems to be from without as well as within. Everything stops for a moment. I have to think of what was asked of me. I cannot answer what I have learned, but I can answer who I have helped.

I feel the presence of my dog around me as I ponder these two questions. Then I hear barking and other dogs appear, dogs I once had. As I stand there in what seems like an eternity, I want to embrace and be absorbed and merge. I want to stay. The sensation of not wanting to come back is overwhelming."

Bryce was also greeted by all of his relatives who had passed on before him. He experienced these loved ones as somewhat younger in form and face than when he had last seen them, happier and healthier.
He remembered racing backward through the same tunnel he had entered when it was time to leave and reviving in time to witness a hypodermic needle being plunged into his arm.
"I heard a voice say 'Welcome back'. I never asked who said it and nor do I care.
I was told by the doctor that I had been 'dead' for over ten minutes."

(From 'Beyond The Light' by P.M.H.Atwater)

knightofalbion Thu 29-Nov-12 19:30:04

An extract from a NDE account given by a lady called Mary...

'Horses and dogs were playing together and when they stopped they seemed to stare a hole through me and then went back to playing.
I was told they were checking to see if I was the person they were waiting for that had loved them while on earth'

knightofalbion Thu 29-Nov-12 19:32:13

'You think dogs will not be in Heaven?
I tell you, they will be there before any of us'
- Robert Louis Stevenson

ssd Wed 05-Dec-12 20:14:50

thanks for posting here knightofalbion, really inspiring stories

Mylittlepuds Sat 29-Dec-12 22:57:58

A lovely, comforting thread.

knightofalbion Tue 05-Feb-13 15:55:34

Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness, where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh and to be able to grow...
- Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

knightofalbion Fri 05-Apr-13 13:34:18

A gentleman named Dave approached me at a book-signing event in Seattle to tell me about the shared death experience he'd had with his wife several years earlier.
She had just completed a round of chemotherapy and was not feeling well. There was no reason to expect her to die anytime soon, said Dave, which is why he was so surprised to 'hear' her voice as he stood in the kitchen.
"I knew she was dying because I could hear her talking directly into my ear," he said.
"She was saying, "I've just died, but that's okay. Everything is fine. Please don't worry." "
Dave walked into the bedroom and found what he feared; his wife lying dead in bed. What he didn't expect to see was his wife's mother (in spirit), leaning over her daughter and welcoming her to the other side.
"Her mother had died thirty years earlier and I saw their bond renew right before my eyes," said Dave. The mother and daughter hugged and then "swirled up out of the room."
It was a great relief to Dave, who said that there was cheerfulness in his wife's voice that "lifts me up and keeps me going every day."
(Extract from 'Glimpses of Eternity' by Dr Raymond Moody)

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