poor elaine lordon sons died

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aprilgirl Tue 20-Dec-05 10:16:43

its front page of the sun, poor woman heart goes out to her shes had such a tough year, sorry if there is already a thread on this x

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OnZephyrstDayofXmas Tue 20-Dec-05 10:18:17

Heard this on the news this morning - she must be absolutely devastated

LIZS Tue 20-Dec-05 10:19:05

I feel sorry for her. Apparently they thought he was ok now. She'll be beating herself up about spending those couple of weeks away in Australia now.

Amyjade Tue 20-Dec-05 10:32:11

As a recently bereaved mother myself my heart goes out to her i know how losing a child at this age(my Dd was 19 months) just shatters your whole life.
All her and her husband can do is hold each other tight and be there for each other and they will somehow get through it.
I'm still here 8 months on i don't know how as i thought i would just die myself if i ever lost my child.
Any time of year is devastating to lose a child but her boy has died 1 week before christmas, i bet they have all his presents ready for him.

What a cruel world it is.
My thought are with elaine xx

BudaBabeInAManger Tue 20-Dec-05 10:45:28

How sad - your heart just goes out to her.

MrsSpoon Tue 20-Dec-05 10:49:31

QueensSpeechEagle Tue 20-Dec-05 10:52:37

This is awful, poor woman. Does anyone know what was wrong? I hadn't known the baby was ill.

SackAche Tue 20-Dec-05 10:54:18

Baby had a hernia in his diaphragm at birth. But it wasn't expected to be fatal.

DanceOfThePeachyPlumFairy Tue 20-Dec-05 10:56:04

Poor family.

Thoughts with them all

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