Thinking of all you grieving mummy's xx

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Amyjade Mon 12-Dec-05 12:14:15

Thinking of everyone who has lost a child/baby who is dealing with christmas without them.

This is our first christmas without our little girl Freya she would be 2 years 4 months old now and we know she would have loved christmas this year.
I am finding it all so hard to deal with as sadness just fills my heart that my little girl is missing out on a time of year which is ment for children and that would have made her so happy.

This time of year just brings it home the devestation of losing a child whatever age.

Remembering Freya 3/9/03- 16/4/05
Forever in our hearts baby girl xxxxxxxxxx

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snowfalls Mon 12-Dec-05 12:15:40

NewBethlehemGirlwithsparkles Mon 12-Dec-05 12:16:34

{{{Hugs}}} to you.


tamba Mon 12-Dec-05 12:26:53

your post made me cry

I am so so sorry for your loss xxxxxxx

MARINAtivityPlay Mon 12-Dec-05 12:29:41

Amyjade, you have my utmost sympathy. This is a very, very hard time for us all, I agree. Freya is just a month younger than our dd, who brought hope back to us after our second child was prematurely stillborn.
Sending you lots of love XXX

handlemecarefully Mon 12-Dec-05 12:43:15


This must be a really tough time of year for you. So sorry for all the pain that you are enduring.

foundintransleightion Mon 12-Dec-05 12:45:54

Amyjade, so very sorry.
Your posts have spurred me into going and getting the Prevenar for ds.

Hulababy Mon 12-Dec-05 12:46:44

Thinking of you all in this situation.

batters Mon 12-Dec-05 13:47:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SackAche Mon 12-Dec-05 13:59:11

So so sad... cannot begin to imagine.

triplets Mon 12-Dec-05 21:52:14

So sorry Amyjade, there is nothing I can say that will make it any easier. This is my 12th Christmas without my darling Matthew, he was 14 when he died. Oh how I miss him, miss us two doing the tree together, letting him be the first to switch the lights on, watching his lovely eyes sparkle at the magic of it, its still so incredibly painful. Going to the shops, trying to find him a card to take to the cemetery, all jolly saying happy Christmas, all seem so wrong, he`s not here.On Saturday my brother made me bawl my eyes out. He gave me a bag, a present he said, I opened it up and inside were 4 china angels for the Christmas tree, one with Matthew on, one Rebecca, one Thomas and one James. He said he had seen them last year and could get all the names except for Matthew, so he didn`t buy them because he couldn`t get the trios without Matthews, I just held that angel and cried. Its hard every day, missing him, but it truly is so painful at this time of the year. So I will think of you Amyjade and your beautiful Freya.......much love xxx

HarkTheHeraldAIMSMUMsings Mon 12-Dec-05 21:56:53

So sorry for everyone grieving at this time of year

Triplets, that was lovely of your brother.

Hulababy Mon 12-Dec-05 21:57:44

Triplets - what a lovely gift from your brother.

SnowQueenVictoria Mon 12-Dec-05 21:59:58

thinking of you all

triplets Mon 12-Dec-05 22:00:56

Yes, I hadn`t seen them, they really are very special, but sad........

Amyjade Mon 12-Dec-05 22:06:14

I have two pixie tree decorations with Freya and Libby on them they are very special.
We couldn't believe it that we found one with Freya's name as it's not a commen name so i was chuffed when i found it.

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