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need to stop crying

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DizzyKipper Wed 24-Aug-11 08:37:49

Every time I have a day off I get really depressed (every time I go out to work I feel really depressed). I have to set off to staff training in 15mins and need to stop myself crying. I just feel really desperate at the moment. I thought about things a little too much. Exactly a week before my dad died a family member launched into an attack on my partner (who I was due to marry in 2 weeks time) and a family fight ensued. I tried to keep it under wraps and stop it from affecting my dad at the time, but obviously it was devastating to him to see his children fighting and the last thing he needed. And then a week later he died. And I can't help thinking - it was the stress. Sure he would have died at some point, he was terminal, but he didn't have to die then. It was the stress that got to him. I know it might not be true, but I can't help but feeling it is - knowing what I know and having looked into all the studies on stress in relation to health, I know it wasn't good for him and was the last thing he needed right then.
Ten more minutes, got to go and get ready to set off. Hopefully can stop the tears coming by then so I won't have red eyes and people wondering when I get there.
So unhappy.

carocaro Wed 24-Aug-11 09:02:37

Darling, come here and have a huge hug. ((((((((())))))))))

The death of a parent is huge, I know, my Dad died 12 years ago. And like you I think of things that we done at the time which I regret, but stuff happens wether we like it or not. Have you been to the docs to talk about counselling or medication? I found both really helped, talking and getting it all out and medication to help me with the day to day business of getting though the day.

Can you take some time off, just to stop and be for a bit. Get away for a few days? Go to the pictures and just get lost in a movie for a while.

I hope you work day goes fine and that when you get home you can give yourself some TLC.

Here's another hug to help. ((((((())))))))))))

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