Should I try counselling?

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blonde79 Sun 17-Jul-11 19:27:15

Have had 3 brereavements in the last 18 months. The most recent one being my wonderful mum. Although I appear to be coping well inside I am not. DH hasn't got a clue how to support me. Eg on day of funeral I was at the computer with tears rolling down my face and he asked me if I had seen something sad on tv/iplayer.
Obv its not his fault as he hasn't experienced it. Siblings are little help as they are wrapped up in their own sorrow/guilt. In fact I feel I have to be strong for them.
Friends do help a little but again they don't really fully understand. Those few friends that do are too far away to see reguarly and I guess we are all too busy.

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FlubbaBubba Sun 17-Jul-11 19:34:14

Blokes can be so bloody stupid!!

Yes - try counselling. I did after two (sudden and violent) deaths in my family and felt I wasn't coping well (also had another couple of issues going on). It helped to be able to talk things through without feeling like I was burdening people.

FWIW it might be worth calling a good friend again and letting him/her know you're still feeling sad. One of my closest friend's dear mum passed away suddenly before Christmas and she's quite surprised how many people just ignore the subject, not really knowing what to say, but when I asked her about how she was feeling, she said she was really pleased I'd brought it up, which made me remember just how affected the person directly involved in the grieving can be.

Milkybrew Sun 17-Jul-11 19:41:09

I don't know if they are nationwide but I was referred to Cruse bereavement counselling by my GP. After several deaths in the family in a period of less than two years I was struggling and it really helped. Sorry for your losses.

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