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Feel like a child again even though I am a grown up

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carocaro Tue 28-Jun-11 10:36:45

My Dad died 12 years ago and I just miss him so much at the moment, I think it's because when you are having those big life moments you just desperately want to share them and you can't and it's brutal.

DS2 is having his 2nd afternoon at primary school, he starts in September, and this morning when I dropped him at pre school this morning, a friend had her Dad with her and he was saying 'Grandad will you see you after big school and take you for ice cream" And boom, it was like a knife in my heart, had to get home ASAP before the tears came.

I also feel a little bit pathetic as I have a meeting later with DS2 teacher about something I feel pissed off and angry about but presently feel unable to articulate myself.

I need to get a grip. If my Dad were here now, he would tell me to go in there and get on with it and don't come out until I am happy!

Off to wash my face and do some deep breathing.

coansha Tue 28-Jun-11 11:07:26

oh sweetie, that is lovely you loved your dad so much, I too am a daddies girl (40+ now tho) and so lucky to still have him & my mum around.
I think at milestones like this it is absolutely where you will be missing him the most which is normal.
Can u cancel the meeting till you feel a bit more with it??
If not try and relax as its not worth getting upset over and if you dont get out what you need to make another date and go back and say that it was a bad day for you but this is actually how you feel.....
I'm with your dad too, tell them what you want done to your satisfaction, we have had some fab teachers for our DD's but one or 2 dragons and have had to go in and tell some home truths.
I hope you feel better after a good cry, it does you good to have one every now and then.
big hugs xx

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