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Lending an ear......

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magicOC Sun 19-Jun-11 22:53:45

Just wanted to ask pls look around you and be prepared to lend an ear to those who may be feeling low.

I ask this in memory of a friend who recently took that tragic final step to end her own life. sad We knew she was down, but, sadly none of us realised just how low she had become. We are all heartbroken at her loss and wish we could bring her back, even if only for one day, to show her just how much she meant to us and that her life was indeed worth something.

If even one person is helped through this awful tragedy, then wherever she is now, I hope she can at last feel proud. Something she never did feel in life.

R.I.P Annie. X

BillyJoel Mon 20-Jun-11 00:17:18

So sorry for you, magic. I will be looking around myself for the next few days. Best wishes to you at this horrible time.

magicOC Mon 20-Jun-11 14:13:09

Thanks Billy. I only hope someone else can be helped. It's such a waste of a life. X

RoseWei Fri 24-Jun-11 09:38:47

Magic - so sorry to hear about Annie. RIP.
I too have friends who took their lives and after so many years I still ask myself if I could have done more, been there more often and so on.
Your story is a salutary reminder that we shouldn't pass by or ignore people who may be down, however busy we are or think we are.

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