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Happy fathers day dad

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Shoesytwoesy Sun 19-Jun-11 12:42:27

can't send a card, but have raised a glass to you and FIL, miss you so much, love you so much. thank you for being my dad xx
for all of us who are missing thier dad

CheerfulYank Sun 19-Jun-11 12:48:23

Here's to your dad, shoes .

med80 Sun 19-Jun-11 15:19:32

Lovely thread op.

GingerWrath Sun 19-Jun-11 15:21:45

Lovely thread, I lost mine unexpectedly in Oct, his FB page is still open and it might sound daft but I post on his wall when I have something to tell him or I am missing him.

walkingonthemoon Sun 19-Jun-11 15:28:18

Missing my dad dreadfully today. This sounds really self-indulgent but I am sad that no-one has acknowledged that today may be difficult for me and yet I get on with it with stuff for my DH's father's day.

Love you Dad.

RoseWei Sun 19-Jun-11 17:52:50

Yes, here's to our dads. Ginger - it doesn't sound at all daft. What a lovely thing to do. I very occasionally send my mum an email, usually to pour my heart out, to her old email address (she died in 2004). It doesn't bounce back, thankfully (but oddly).

Rosemallow Sun 19-Jun-11 18:01:27

Lovely thread - here's to your dad! smile

Lost my dad 12 years ago but the pain never goes away. He never got to meet his grandchildren but I know he would be really proud of them (and me!)
He was a fantastic man.

follyfoot Sun 19-Jun-11 18:02:30

Lost my lovely Dad 20 years ago. Still think about you every day xxx

Shoesytwoesy Sun 19-Jun-11 22:59:57

GingerWrath what a lovely idea,

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