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Fathers Day

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OberonTheHopeful Thu 16-Jun-11 20:27:36

Like Mothers' Day for mums, Fathers' Day can be be great opportunity for those that wish to show how much they love and appreciate their dads. I don't wish to detract from that at all, but for those of us who have lost our dads however long ago (last year in my case) it can also be upsetting. I know this isn't the same for everyone, but it is for some.

This Sunday as well as remembering my dad I will also be thinking of everyone else who misses theirs and using the opportunity to send a message to a couple of friends who feel the same way.

nethunsreject Thu 16-Jun-11 20:30:27

Sorry you have lost your Dad so recently, Oberon, and nice of you to start this thread. smile

I'll also be missing my old man. 6yrs now. Not as tough as that first Fathers' Day, but still miss him like mad.

Hope you and everyone else who has lost their Dad manages a nice day on Sunday.

bsmirched Thu 16-Jun-11 20:48:47

Thank you for starting this thread. I lost my lovely Dad on 5th February this year and it really still doesn't seem real. I miss him so much but when I go to my Mum's and look out into the garden, I still expect to see him appearing out of the shed!
Father's Day is very bittersweet this year as our DS is 11 months old, so it is DH's first one, so much as I'd like to hibernate for the day, I really can't!

Love to everyone missing their Dad's too xx

Workieticket Thu 16-Jun-11 20:51:45

I lost my Dad just this sunday gone...I don't really know what to do on sunday

OberonTheHopeful Thu 16-Jun-11 21:26:32

Workieticket, so sorry to hear that sad. You must be feeling dreadful right now, but it will get easier. I know everyone says that but it will. In the first weeks I found that spending time with people I'm close to really helped. I'm thinking of you.

startail Thu 16-Jun-11 23:17:20

Workieticket and the others on this thread [hugs] and thanks for the timely reminder OP. Both my DH's parents are no longer with us and in all the children's excitement sorting out cards for us and Grandma and Grandpa it's easy to forget that he no longer has to send Mother and Father's day cards sad

Workieticket Sat 18-Jun-11 22:26:08

Thanks Oberon & Startail. I keep thinking I'm ok, but then I'll start thinking. I almost wish I could fastforward through this bit and get everything out of the way, if that makes any sense. Startail, my DH's parents arent here either, both gone way before their time and feel so much for him, but happy that he has 2 gorgeous dc's to put a smile on his face :-)

whenwillisleepagain Sun 19-Jun-11 06:58:31

workieticket so sorry for your recent loss. Hugs to everyone on this thread and in similar situations. I lost my dad the week before Christmas and have woken up feeling sad

LoveBeingAbleToNamechange Sun 19-Jun-11 07:19:06

Morning all and I'm sorry to see you here iyswim.

My dad died at the end of nov last year. Today is tough especially as I have to 'do' fathers day for dh and dd is too young for it to come from her.

I will be visiting dad this morning and have a little cry no doubt. It does seem to get easier as it starts to feel almost normal for him not to be there. But I still miss him so much.

lottiejenkins Sun 19-Jun-11 10:57:26

I lost my dad five years ago. He was an amazing man. He did so many things with his life...........When we had his funeral there were over 700 people there..........this song is very beautiful, Aled Jones played it on Radio 2 this morning and the words are perfect........

med80 Sun 19-Jun-11 15:18:23

Sorry for your losses everyone. I lost my dad over 20 years ago now but I am feeling sad today. Not helped by the fact I lost my mum 2 weeks before Mother's Day this year.

GingerWrath Sun 19-Jun-11 15:32:05

Mine died in Oct, 4 days before my Mum's birthday, it tends to hit me harder on 'special' days. My sympathies to you all.

ajandjjmum Sun 19-Jun-11 15:36:09

Thinking of everyone missing their Dad - especially those who are having their first Father's Day without him.

RoseWei Sun 19-Jun-11 17:49:23

Remembering our dear dads - gone from us for a while but never forgotten.
Nearly 11 years ago for me but my dad left a legacy of love and determination which I can only try to pass on.
Love and a peaceful day to all missing their dads today.

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