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flamesparrow Tue 08-Nov-05 11:19:43

I was just really wondering how you're getting on now (sorry if there is already another thread somewhere).

I am thinking of you lots.


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handlemecarefully Tue 08-Nov-05 11:23:25

Same here Amanda1 - hope you are okay?

Amanda1 Tue 08-Nov-05 13:35:58

Message withdrawn

flamesparrow Tue 08-Nov-05 13:40:47

Private sounds like a good plan. I think its terrible that you would have to wait at all - you have been through so much, even before this.

Huge huge hugs


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Rhubarb Tue 08-Nov-05 13:42:53

Will call you at the weekend Amanda1. Remember that you will have ups and downs, gradually the downs will get less frequent and less severe, but right now it must be very tough indeed. Can your GP not class you as an emergency and refer you to a CPN? That's what they did with me. I would go back and stress how important this is, a CPN can offer you more practical help than a counsellor anyway as they have more contacts in the Health Profession.

handlemecarefully Tue 08-Nov-05 13:47:08

Good advice from Rhubarb, your GP ought to be able to get you some prioritisation...

You don't sound over drammatic btw. Are you getting good support from your friends?

Amanda1 Tue 08-Nov-05 13:50:49

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Tue 08-Nov-05 13:53:37

I'm sure that they won't feel that you are burdening them. Friends are there to be leaned upon when needed, it would be different if you were self obsessed and consumed by trivia - but you've been through some very tough times and nobody will resent you needing them

Rhubarb Tue 08-Nov-05 13:55:48

You know you can me anytime right?

Tell your GP you want to see a Community Psychiatric Nurse as a priority patient. She will come to your home, or you can go and see her. She can also arrange extra help for you and your dd, you can have relaxation sessions, etc.

Tabs Tue 08-Nov-05 13:57:25

Hey Amanda - we're all still thinking of you too. xx
Hope that you manage to sort out some counselling soon, and that it helps you to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Amanda1 Tue 08-Nov-05 14:13:42

Message withdrawn

Rhubarb Tue 08-Nov-05 14:31:35

4 weeks is nothing, it'll take a while for all those hormones to disperse. And you've still got a lot of grief to deal with, I don't know when that will subside, but I'm thinking that 4 weeks isn't long enough. Don't count the weeks, just focus on each day. One day it'll be better, you won't have realised or recognised the transistion from feeling miserable to being able to cope, but one day you will suddenly realise that you feel a lot better and you will wonder how you came to that point.

Why not put together a mix of your favourite music? Play it at the start of each day so that you are not beginning the day on a downer. Then set yourself little challenges to get through, like writing a letter back home and going to the Post Office to post it; baking a really nice cake as a treat for your dd when she comes in from school; doing a bit of decorating even. It's a good idea to highlight your hair, you need a lift and things like decoration or changing your appearance are all signs of you beginning to start afresh.

Look forward to the Mumsnet meet-up! Don't forget to take some sly pictures for me!

handlemecarefully Thu 10-Nov-05 22:04:15

Any luck with your GP today Amanda?

Rhubarb Thu 10-Nov-05 22:11:42

How are you today?

Amanda1 Sat 12-Nov-05 08:53:48

Message withdrawn

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