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my beloved hubby died 2 weeks ago today - suicide :(

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Blondeshavemorefun Sat 30-Apr-11 14:03:05

tbh i dont know what to say - i never expected to post a thread in this section of mn sad

I didnt expect to be a widow at 37 sad

he was severely depressed, and although had some very good days, he also had very bad days and for whatever reason he felt he couldnt carry on and took his own life on Saturday 16th april sad

i know its early days, but i cry every day, silly things set me off, like yesterday changing the duvet cover - it was hubbys's job to do that and i had to do it for the first time

its got to get easier hasnt it? sad

msrisotto Sat 30-Apr-11 14:05:24

Oh bless you Blondes, it's all so raw, it won't always be so raw. I am so sorry though, it will be crap for a while but have hope. Be with friends/family if you can x

compo Sat 30-Apr-11 14:05:42

I am so sorry for your loss

Prolesworth Sat 30-Apr-11 14:06:19

Message withdrawn

travellingwilbury Sat 30-Apr-11 14:06:53

Blondes , I am so sorry , you are right it is early days and things will slowly get better but for now all you can do is be kind to yourself and do what you need to get through each hour /day .

There is nothing I can say to help but can always listen .

Do you have good rl support ?

AnnieLobeseder Sat 30-Apr-11 14:06:55

Oh blondes, I'm so sorry for your loss. A suicide must be so hard to come to terms with. Be kind to yourself, grief is natural and necessary. Have you got good support in RL? Hugs. It will get better, but it will take time.

usualsuspect Sat 30-Apr-11 14:06:59

Poor you, I'm so sorry sad

ThisIsANiceCage Sat 30-Apr-11 14:07:01

Oh dear god, Blondes. So, so sorry.

SybilBeddows Sat 30-Apr-11 14:07:06

oh I'm so sorry xxx

orangehead Sat 30-Apr-11 14:07:14

Im so sorry Blonde. Do you have much support?

TheCrackFox Sat 30-Apr-11 14:07:21

I am so sorry for your loss. xsad

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Sat 30-Apr-11 14:07:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fivegomadindorset Sat 30-Apr-11 14:08:16

Blondes I am so sorry you are going through this xx

ednurse Sat 30-Apr-11 14:08:28

So sorry you are going through this Blondes x

LadylissielouofShropshire Sat 30-Apr-11 14:08:29

oh blondes, i didnt know, Im so, so sorry my lovely xxx

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 30-Apr-11 14:08:37

I'm so sorry to hear this. How awful. Is there anyone with you/looking after you at the moment?

sharbie Sat 30-Apr-11 14:08:47

so sad blondes really sorry to hear xx

elmofan Sat 30-Apr-11 14:09:02

Oh blondes sad I am so sorry for your loss {hugs} x

fruitshootsandheaves Sat 30-Apr-11 14:09:04

Oh I'm so sorry. I have no experience of this so can't begin to imagine how it feels.
I hope you have lots of family and friends to help you. You can always pour your heart out on here.

heliumballoons Sat 30-Apr-11 14:09:36

blondes I'm so very sorry for your loss. sad

Adair Sat 30-Apr-11 14:09:37

Oh my, that's awful.
Don't shy in grabbing all the support you can.
Its absolutely the right thing to do to be sad and cry. Do you want to tell us some more of things he did? We are listening.
So sorry.

Tortoise Sat 30-Apr-11 14:09:45

sad so sorry for you loss.

Suchffun Sat 30-Apr-11 14:10:17

I am so so sorry. I don't want to bombard you with questions but if you want to tell us about him, about what happened, about how you feel, you know MN is here to support you. xx

Lilmeena Sat 30-Apr-11 14:10:42

oh no - I'm so very sorry sad


Al0uiseG Sat 30-Apr-11 14:13:04

That's so sad, you poor love.


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