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Longtime Wed 27-Apr-11 00:00:56

Thinking of you, your darling dd and your family today. (((((hugs)))))

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changingmynameagain Wed 27-Apr-11 00:08:29

I am as well.

Billie was beautiful.

Your bravery makes me feel inadequate.

You are in my thoughts.

ChaosTrulyReigns Wed 27-Apr-11 00:10:19

Please please can you absorb all our thoughts and hold them close to you to help you through today.

I am thinking about your Billie today.


Maryz Wed 27-Apr-11 00:42:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

madhattershouse Wed 27-Apr-11 00:44:01

Thinking of you MrsDeVere. Wishing you all the best on this sad anniversary sad

insertfunnynicknamehere Wed 27-Apr-11 01:00:17

I don't know you but read your beautiful post on another thread. I really genuinely cried for you and your loss. You were both equally lucky to have each other, a wonderful mother and daughter no doubt.
I'm not in the uk but ill find out how to donate to those charities on her behalf.
Ill think of ye tomorrow and don't forget if you need it, you will have the whole of MN to support you.

confuddledDOTcom Wed 27-Apr-11 01:13:45

Thinking of you too.

ChippingInLovesEasterEggs Wed 27-Apr-11 01:34:00

I can't believe another year has passed...

What are your plans for today?

Lots of love & hugs

eastendmummy Wed 27-Apr-11 02:12:07

Thinking of you - the way you speak about your daughter and all of your children is beautiful. Wishing you strength on this difficult day x

Longtime Wed 27-Apr-11 08:33:17

I remember thinking last year that it was so sad, Mrs D, that you didn't get the support in RL you deserved. I hope you know there are many on here who are thinking of you today x

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ReindeerBollocks Wed 27-Apr-11 09:09:11

Thinking of you and your family today MrsDeVere. I hope you take some small comfort in Billie's garden and remember all the beautiful, wonderful things about her (of which I am sure there are many) x

DamnItJanet Wed 27-Apr-11 09:10:52

Thinking of you, huge hugs, be kind to yourself xxxxx

BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack Wed 27-Apr-11 11:05:20

Thinking of you and your family........

I hope you have lots of support and hugs today

God bless you all xx

kuckingfunt Wed 27-Apr-11 11:43:14

Thinking of you and your family Mrs D.

Billie was indeed a beautiful girl and your bravery amazes me. The words you use when you speak about her show just how much you love and miss her.

Take care and be kind to yourself today.

deemented Wed 27-Apr-11 11:47:42

I'm sending much love too, MrsD

Even after her death, Billie continues to touch many peoples lives, and that's because of you, her wonderful Mum.

Loves you, missus x

HerHighnessTheWestCoastLotus Wed 27-Apr-11 16:20:45

Well shoot, I just saw this - I'd put today on my calendar, MrsDV, and posted a thread for you before seeing that someone else had done so as well (which makes me very happy).

Thinking of you and your DD. Here, have the biggest tightest ((((((((((((*HUG*))))))))) you could imagine.

5GoMadOnAZ650 Wed 27-Apr-11 16:25:19

Thinking of you and your family today Xxx

HerRoyalHighnessPrincessCervix Wed 27-Apr-11 16:25:32

Thinking of you, your family and especially Billie.

OpheliaBumps Wed 27-Apr-11 16:35:28

I'm thinking of you too MrsD. Your Billie sounds so lovely, I love to hear your stories about her, you both sound like such strong people.

Wishing you more strength to get through today, and sending you much love xxx

thefirstMrsDeVere Thu 28-Apr-11 19:45:30

Thank you so much. I wasnt on MNs much yesterday so missed this lovely thread.

Its so touching and means such a lot.

I did have a nice day yesterday but it was so incredibly hard. The only way I get through is to distract myself if I am honest.

I just cannot think about the reality because it is so unbelivable and so traumatic.
Its so kind of you all to think of me and my Billie.
There are so many like me, you wouldnt know us if you passed us in the street. Living without our children.

Thank you again, you nest of vipers you wink

ChippingInLovesEasterEggs Thu 28-Apr-11 22:21:13

TFMD - I'm glad you found things to distract yourself with. Everyone copes in different ways and all you can do is get through the day as best you can.

Distraction is my method of coping too - hence spending far too much time on MN!

The reality is unbelievable, unfair and incredibly sad sad With all the love on MN for you and Billie, if wishing could make it so, she would be here with you x

It's almost a shame we don't have things tattooed on our foreheads isn't it... we might all be that much kinder to each other if we knew what we were each dealing with. Of course - some would just have 'smug twat' which would be helpful because we could slap them around the chops with a wet lettuce leaf to vent some frustration!!

Much love

Maryz Thu 28-Apr-11 22:27:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovesprouts Thu 28-Apr-11 22:27:43

thinking of you too x

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 28-Apr-11 22:39:20

Its quite true what deemented said: I feel very honoured to have "known" Billie, even just a tiny bit, through you, Mrs.

hester Thu 28-Apr-11 22:43:00

Much love to you, and with Billie in our thoughts and our hearts..xx

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