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I carried my baby to term even though I knew he was going to die

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nicolasuzanne6322 Sun 17-Apr-11 00:04:23

Almost 21 months ago, I lost my beautiful baby boy, Benjamin. He went full term but lived for only 27 precious hours. Benjamin was diagnosed at 22 weeks with Patau syndrome, a syndrome simply not compatible with life. In recent weeks and months, I have realized that I needed to share my story with others in the hope that it may help and bring strength to those who need it or maybe even help someone who is faced with a difficult decision to make. We continued with the pregnancy even though we knew Benjamin would die soon after he was born. It is the best decision we ever made. It has truly been a life changing experience. I feel so blessed to be Mummy to such a beautiful and special little spirit. It has been difficult to revisit every detail of our experience but I'm so glad that I did as the support has been overwhelming and to know that it has touched people means that it was worth it. My story is at I hope it helps in some small way. With much love, Nicola xxxx

AimingForSerenity Sun 17-Apr-11 00:08:15

Beautiful post Nicola, truly inspiring.

God bless you.

MavisEnderby Sun 17-Apr-11 00:10:44

I am so sorry for your loss,nicolassuzanne,will look at your site.

Are you aware of

Sending you a big unmumsnetly hug x

blackeyeddog Sun 17-Apr-11 00:12:25

I agree, how inspiring. Love to Benjamin and to you. x

chipmonkey Sun 17-Apr-11 00:17:32

Bless you, Nicola, I have read your blog and was very moved by it. Benjamin was a lucky little boy to have such a lovely family and I'm so sorry he couldn't stay with you in body although he is with you in spirit.
Thank you for sharing your story.

iknowanoldlady Tue 19-Apr-11 19:41:10

I have just read your blog and have been moved by it in a way I didn't see coming. It was just beautiful, and I think you did an amazing thing in giving Benjamin life and love. It has altered my thinking about how I would react were I to receive similar news. I know that Benjamin's memory will live on in your lovely family. x

FoxyRevenger Wed 20-Apr-11 13:51:47

Your blog is lovely, I am now in tears. What a beautiful boy.


LouMacca Wed 20-Apr-11 14:31:51

Thank you for sharing. Benjamin was truly blessed to have such a lovely family. So sorry that you lost him, he was beautiful x x

AxisofEvil Thu 21-Apr-11 17:52:38

Nicola, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Benjamin. I don't know if you have seen it but here is a special thread for mums who have lost their children here

Do please join us if you would like - either now or at some point in the future.

All the best

AxisofEvil Thu 21-Apr-11 17:53:05

Nicola, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Benjamin. I don't know if you have seen it but here is a special thread for mums who have lost their children here

Do please join us if you would like - either now or at some point in the future.

All the best

(reported hopefully with link)

WriterofDreams Thu 21-Apr-11 19:57:04

What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it. Your son was a lucky boy to have parents like you.

SingingSands Thu 21-Apr-11 20:19:54

What a heartbreaking and moving story, you write beautifully about your beautiful son. You brought a life into this world and he knew only love during his time here.

Thank you for sharing Benjamin with us xx

TotorosOcarina Thu 21-Apr-11 20:26:58

You son was absolutly beautiful and he was so lucky to have you - and you him, even for such a short time.


takewhatyoucan Thu 21-Apr-11 20:30:44

That is inspiring, thank you for sharing Benjamin's story with us.

You are very brave to have revisited all those moments - take comfort in the fact that in doing so, you are really helping others who will be going through similar experiences.

flyingspaghettimonster Wed 25-May-11 23:39:27

He is beautiful and I think you did a wonderful thing in giving him that extra time and a chance to meet you all. Thankyou for sharing him with us.

PenguinArmy Thu 26-May-11 18:48:21

heartbreaking but absolutely inspiring

TiredMule Fri 27-May-11 16:34:33

Such an inspiring blog. Benjamin was a very lucky little boy to have such a loving family. I'm sure in that in his short time with you Benjamin felt huge amounts of love. Thank you for sharing with us x x x

ohmeohmy Fri 27-May-11 17:20:13

what a wonderful mum and dad all your children have. Wishing you all the best.

KarenHL Fri 27-May-11 21:34:26


We had a similar situation last year. We were told at the 20wk scan that there was a problem - nine weeks later it was confirmed he had polycystic kidney disease and he was unlikely to survive. we had a lot of pressure from the Hospital to terminate (and from some family) - they could not understand our decision.

Thank you for opening your blog, it is not just helpful for those of us who've been through it; it will also help those who haven't been through it to have some insight. Not only that, it could help anyone who is in the situation now - where we are, it appears there was a lot of support available for people who were willing to terminate, but none if you wanted to continue the pregnancy.


neverforgethowmuchiloveyou Fri 27-May-11 22:06:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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