Please keep Motherinferior and family in your thoughts this week

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Marina Thu 20-Oct-05 12:54:16

Her dp's mum is gravely ill and likely to die quite soon.
MI has been such a magnificent friend and support to so many people on the site and via e-mail I hope she will not mind my posting this as I think it might help her to know we are thinking of her, dp and the Inferiorettes.
Marina XXX

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tortoiseshell Thu 20-Oct-05 12:54:52

Definitely - thinking of you all MI. xxx

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 20-Oct-05 12:55:31

MI thinking of you all, my thouhgts and prayers are with you.

bundle Thu 20-Oct-05 12:55:36

hear, hear

mears Thu 20-Oct-05 12:56:56

Thoughts are with you and yours MI

coppertop Thu 20-Oct-05 12:57:13

Oh no. Thinking of everyone at the Inferiority complex. xx

hunkerpumpkin Thu 20-Oct-05 12:58:19

Thinking of you all, MI xxx

tamum Thu 20-Oct-05 13:02:44

Me too, as you know.


batters Thu 20-Oct-05 13:02:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hhhhenleyonthames Thu 20-Oct-05 13:03:38


edam Thu 20-Oct-05 13:03:45

MI, how are you doing? And how's dh?

Am thinking of you and yours.

suzywong Thu 20-Oct-05 13:03:56

hear hear

Aero Thu 20-Oct-05 13:04:54

Thinking of you.

JanH Thu 20-Oct-05 13:05:11

Oh, MI, I am so sorry to hear this XXX

Blu Thu 20-Oct-05 13:06:26

This must be very hard MI.
Love to you and DP and the Inferiorettes.

puff Thu 20-Oct-05 13:06:38

thinking of you MI.

puff xx

CountessCadburyOfBournville Thu 20-Oct-05 13:11:29

thinking of you and your family

hewlettsdaughter Thu 20-Oct-05 13:12:08

Best wishes xx

Heathcliffscathy Thu 20-Oct-05 13:13:18

thinking of you. xxx

Enid Thu 20-Oct-05 13:19:46

I didn't know this. So sorry to hear it and thinking of you all x E

fairyfly Thu 20-Oct-05 13:20:48


RottenRhubarbWitch Thu 20-Oct-05 13:22:05

God MI, I'm so sorry! Wishing you lots of strength and courage.

OrribleOliveoil Thu 20-Oct-05 13:22:54


katierocket Thu 20-Oct-05 13:25:32

she has indeed Marina; best wishes MI.

Yorkiegirl Thu 20-Oct-05 13:28:20

Message withdrawn

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