Lovely FIL's cancer inoperable and incurable

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DingDongMerrilyAsCheese Mon 31-Jan-11 07:10:13

I don't know where to start coping with this..

Before Christmas DP's Dad had an operation for a cancer in his saliva glands. All went well apparently.

Last week he was discharged from hosiptal. the folowing day his arm swelled up and suddenly he's told it's spread to his lymph glands, his chance are 'low' and they can treat but not operate. they can't sure it.

On Thursday he has a meeting with the Oncologist - Dp is going with his Mum and Dad.

We're about 90 miles away from them so can't be there on a daily basis.

I'm so sad and cross.

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AnyFuleKno Mon 31-Jan-11 21:08:57

so sorry DingDong, wish there was something useful I could say.

How is your dp bearing up?

DingDongMerrilyAsCheese Tue 01-Feb-11 11:14:13

Thank you for asking,

DP is coping - just about.

He's not an the type to analyse everything he will just try and shoulder a burden and keep going - that just what I've got watch out for with him, I talk and talk and talk til I've got something figured out.

That's kind of how I feel too though, wish there was something I could say.

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