Just had to tell dh a friend of ours died today............so sad

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Aero Fri 07-Oct-05 21:12:14

You know how it is when you've been good friends with someone, but things happen and people move away and get on with their lives and somehow you lose touch..................one of his cricketing team members who he played with before we moved here died during an operation this morning and we just an't believe it and feel sad that we had no chance to say goodbye. We found out very recently that he was ill, but had no idea things would deteriorate so fast. He was in his mid forties and had just settled down, got married before all this happened. It's just very sad as he was a lovely person who always had time for everyone. I feel bad that we didn't get to see him again since finding out he was ill just a couple of weeks ago.

Dh is on the phone now talking to one of the team and I was just feeling sad.

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HRHQoQ Fri 07-Oct-05 21:13:48

**hugs** to you and DH.

Aero Fri 07-Oct-05 21:14:49

It's just pants. He was a S African too so dh had loads in common with him.

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Pruni Fri 07-Oct-05 21:15:51

Message withdrawn

Miaou Fri 07-Oct-05 21:23:16

Aero Fri 07-Oct-05 22:44:28

Sorry - sis came round. Dh is very sad about this. Thanks.

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