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Grandad in Law diagnosed with cancer

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mrsunreasonable Sat 04-Dec-10 22:14:35

I don't know if this is really the plase as there hasn't actually been a bereavement but unfortunately it seems there soon will be. My Grandad in Law has just been diagnosed with cancer and all signs are not got a long time left to live.

I have no experience of this but is it ok to feel angry? I feel angry that his wife who is disabled with arthritis might have to move into a home, I feel angry that everyone is going to be devestated, I feel angry that I am going to have to explain all this to my 3 year old and I don't want him to have to know about such things at this age, I feel angry that this has happened at Christmas time and will therefore hang over all future christmas's and I feel angry with him for smoking all his life and therefore putting himself and the rest of the family in this awful position.

Sorry I think I just had to write that down.

Metherbumfit Sat 04-Dec-10 22:20:17

Message withdrawn

mrsunreasonable Sat 04-Dec-10 22:26:52

I never had a living Grandad either so I think that's why maybe it is affecting me so much. I feel angry at myself about that as well cos think I have been more emotional than DH and it's his Grandad I should be stong for him! Grandad hasn't been to doctors for 35 years and proud of it but he decided to quit smoking for sake of great-grandchildren and it was whilst seeing some community nurse about this the cancer first got spoted. Thanks for the reply Metherbumfit.

Metherbumfit Sat 04-Dec-10 22:30:41

Message withdrawn

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