A whole section of my family wiped out in 3yrs.......

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Toothache Thu 15-Sep-05 09:57:26

....He had had it for a while and had been told there wasn't much more they could do for him. But they also said he could have a good 2 years left! Clearly not.

He died, alone in hospital as his wife had gone home as they'd had an arguement (she's a bit of a scary woman.....and everyone has had suspicions about her motives since she only married him after he inherited alot from his parents). Anyway.... ARGUING with him as he is lying on his death bed and then storming off in a huff?????

Anyway.... I wasn't that close to him as he spent a lot of years in the army, then when he got ill he wouldn't let anyone visit him. My Mum was very close to him though. It's just so sad.

He was 51, had no children. He was an only child and his Mum and Dad both died in the past 3 yrs. 3yrs ago his Mum (my Aunt Netty) died of bowel cancer, and then 18mths ago his Dad (Uncle Robert) died during heart surgery.

So in 3 yrs that's an entire part of my Mums side of the family just wiped out.... gone.

It has really made me take a step back and see how important being part of a family is.

Just me waffling....

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Toothache Thu 15-Sep-05 09:59:48

Ooops, first sentence of my post seems to have been deleted.

It should have read:

My cousin died of throat cancer yesterday!

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Enid Thu 15-Sep-05 10:00:22

sorry to hear that toothy. Are you feeling alright today?

Aimsmum Thu 15-Sep-05 10:01:44

Message withdrawn

Toothache Thu 15-Sep-05 10:05:10

Actually, I'm not feeling very good at all. This hit me harder than I ever thought it would! Not so much grieving over my cousin.... but shocked and scared as how quickly it all happened and sad for my Mum and my Gran. My Gran is the eldest of 7 and she has watched all but 2 of her siblings die in that last 10 yrs. Now their children are dying too.

My Mum really isn't close to anyone else in her family..... so all she has left is my Gran, who is so ill with Parkinsons that she doesn't have long left either.

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Aimsmum Thu 15-Sep-05 10:25:59

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Thu 15-Sep-05 10:28:56

I'm sorry for the loss that has taken place toothache. Words can't say what I want to. You're in my th9oughts.

Toothache Thu 15-Sep-05 15:42:56

Thanks for the nice words Aimsmum, Enid and Marslady. I'm feeling a bit better about it now, but its easy to detach from things at work isn't it.

The funeral is on Tuesday.

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chloe55 Thu 15-Sep-05 16:39:43

How awful for you and your family Toothache, thinking of you at this sad time and, like Aimsmum said, you might feel a little better if you grieve with your mum, and if not for you then your mum will prob def need a hug too.

Aimsmum Thu 15-Sep-05 17:21:01

Message withdrawn

PeachyClair Thu 15-Sep-05 17:24:42

Will be thinking of you Tuesday, and your poor Mum too. Very sorry for your losses.

suedonim Thu 15-Sep-05 19:28:29

So sorry to hear your sad news, Toothache.

tabitha Thu 15-Sep-05 19:31:27

Sorry to hear that toothache
Sad for your mum and your gran too - hope Tuesday's not too bad for you all.

batters Fri 16-Sep-05 11:16:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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