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Cervical Stitch being done tomorrow - need help and advice asap

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bubsylocket Wed 14-Sep-05 14:28:31

Hi - I am going in hospital tomorrow for a cervical stitch as I am 13 weeks pregnant and I would really love to hear from anyone who has had the experience. Was it embaressing ? Did you have an epidural, how long did it take. Help I am panicking big time !!!!!!!!!!!!!

GeraldGiraffe Wed 14-Sep-05 14:52:13

not had the experience bubsy but bumping up for you in the hope that someone else has.

It might not be the case in your hospital but I was under the impression you would be given a general anaesthetic for this (so it wouldn't be embarrassing)

Hope it goes well tomorrow.

LouiseT Wed 14-Sep-05 20:08:55

Haven't had one either but it won't be embarrassing 'cause they probably do them all the time so don't worry just relax and take deep breaths.

It'll all be fine, I'm sure.

WestCountryLass Wed 14-Sep-05 21:41:40

Have you ever had a vaginal scan before? I have and I can't imagine it would be more embarrassing then this or smear/internals. Hope that helps and does not fill you with dread!

I found this link for you:

HTH, and good luck!!!!!

Iknowyou Wed 14-Sep-05 21:48:37

Don't worry honey, it will be fine, you've had one baby - how embarrassing can it get?!

Lots of luck and take care of yourself.

Love you

Jenny1973 Wed 14-Sep-05 23:01:03

Hi bubsy-not experienced it myself,but I was told I may need 1 in my 3rd p/g,as my cervix may give way. I would of thought that they should of advised you on how the procedure is done,but then we are talkin NHS here. But it will all be fine,& its has to be done for good reason. Good luck & hope all goes well,xxx

bubsylocket Sat 17-Sep-05 17:57:14

Hello again, thanks for all your support. Just to let you know that all went well - hello to Iknowyou !!!

Had an epidural which is what I had experienced when I had DD so that wasn't bad. Apart from lying with my legs a kimbo and the fact that I had 4 male doctors and 1 female in the operating theatre with me, I didn't feel a thing apart from prodding around. Really glad I had it done though - it was due to me having a knifed cone biopsy back in October 04 and like you Jenny1973 my cervix may have given away or I may well have miscarried early on. So girlies thanks again and I can gladly say that it wasn't half as bad as I expected. Thanks

Ladymuck Sat 17-Sep-05 18:29:24

Glad to hear it went well. Sorry I missed your post (clearly I haven't sppend enough time on here recently!). I had stitches done with both ine. Found that the procedure was OK but bladder incontinence afterwards horrifying (my epidural went funny).

Hope the rest of your pg is carefree.

Jenny1973 Sat 17-Sep-05 21:53:13

Hi bubsy Glad it all went ok for you. Sometimes when you expect the worse, & it turns out not as bad as expected makes you feel a whole lot better doesnt it. Hope the rest of your pg goes well- Happy for you x

bubsylocket Mon 19-Sep-05 10:13:36

Thanks to all - lovely to know we can all chat about anything and not feel stupid !!!

colesnana Mon 19-Sep-05 14:40:33

Hi I lost my darling first grandchild last wed 14th sept at only 23weeks 3 days. His name is Cole and my daughter has been diagnosed an incompetent cervix. PLease give me any info on your situation so I can help my daughter and the rest of the family to come to terms and for her to be able to try again as she so wants to. even now she says she wants another baby brother or sister for Cole.Nothing makes any sense right now and I am deperate to give her comfort and hope. Thanks Coles nana

bubsylocket Mon 19-Sep-05 17:26:14

Hi Colesnana - I would hope that your daughters GP/MW would do a stitch for next time she falls pg so there is hope and my Consultant said that she hasn't heard of anyone that has miscarried after having a stitch which is usually done before 14 weeks - Good Luck to your daughter - I am thinking of her and so hope she gets her dream for a brother/sister for Cole again XXX Fingers crossed !

Fio2 Mon 19-Sep-05 17:31:06

oh colesnana how awful for you and your family. My friend lost her first child, a boy, due to an incompenant cervix and went on to have two healthy children after having stitching with each pregnancy. I wish you and your daughter all the best, must be quite a harrowing time for you all

Dtok1971 Sat 07-May-16 08:54:30

Hello I've just seen this so thought I'd add my experience for others. Had two prem babies one at 32 weeks last at 28. Last one I was told had short cervix at 4 cm. Was due to go for stitch but got scared as the risk of miscarriage bit frightened me so much. In hindsight I should have had it as Daughter born 28 weeks. She's healthy age 3 now but scary times. Got Pregnant again but losteoporosis at 9 weeks. Heartbreaking. They say if I manage to get pregnant again I'll definately have the stitch. Waiting on period now. Sore boobs all week. Scared still. I'm am older Mum so added worry. Women I know had the stitch went on to 37 weeks + . The pessaries are used now to try get you to 12 weeks as stitch won't be done til it's a viable pregnancy. 12 to 16 weeks.

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