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chimchar Tue 21-Sep-10 21:06:44

""Hi all my mum died suddenly two weeks ago and I don't know what to do. Apart from the fact she was my best friend and supported me through everything, she also looked after my 21 month old while I worked. I feel sick, keep getting the shakes and don't feel I have the strength to cope with finding childcare or going to work. I have a wonderful partner but just feel so alone without my mum. Not sure how to cope.....""

hi...hope you don't mind me starting this for you...i saw your message tucked onto the bottom of an old thread and wanted you to know that someone was listening. ....

i'm so very sorry to read about your mum. i lost my mum last year very suddenly. i was very much like you in the early days... first things first. get yourself signed off work for a few more weeks...give yourself chance to get your head around things, and then to think about practical solutions to childcare...
there is no magic solution i'm afraid. its corny, but time sort of get used to life again in a new way. it still hurts like hell, and i still can't believe that my mum has gone, but that rawness has diminished a little.

i just wanted to say that i understand, and offer you a shoulder to cry on. keep posting. xxx

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lazycow007 Wed 22-Sep-10 18:41:37

sad so sorry to read about both your losses.

chimchar Wed 22-Sep-10 22:04:54

thanks lazy. i was really hoping ness70 might see this.

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